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Kjölur Up! Aug 29, 2006

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The call of Nature. Surprisingly enough, 16 000 people are not enough friends to prevent them going back to nature. Amazing. Aim is Kjölur – the famous dessert were many great poets and even more rogues and villains wrote, read and chewed words and poetry.

Within the dessert there is a small paradise: Kjervkföll. Just look how delicous the mountainside appears from the rocky flat of the dusty road. In the mountains you will find flowers, hot baths, green fields and ferrys.



After a little ferry talk and nights full of nice dreams on the warm and soft moss the aim is Gufubadid in Laugarvatn – a boiling hell compared to Kjervkföll…..to be continued

Serious Sun – Sparkling Myvatn Aug 21, 2006

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As Mad Martin and Yo informed me they have arrived in the North of Iceland exactly after the first half of their journey. A good reason to post amazing new pictures of the exciting and thrilling Iceland exploration. Herra Héri!

Sunset at the Mosquito Lake - Myvatn in the north of Iceland

Just nature and the sun blinking down from the sky. Hope – you can feel – is not lost at all.

Serious Fun – First Impressions Aug 17, 2006

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The miracles of modern technology make it possible: First impressions of the herratious and herilicious Iceland Tour of MM aka Mad Martin and Yo aka Yo!Yay! just hit the herraheri.de server and make fire and ice unite.

Fire and ice

A relaxed evening at the glacier lagoon Jökulsarlon. Note how the colour of the hand, the tone and bubbles of the beer interact with the cool freshness of the ice floating on the lagoon’s water.

And that is not quite it, another sensual sensation is still to come. A video of a naturious Icelandic Sunset can be downloaded here.

Download your private Jökursalon sunset here – Herilious Romance in the glacier lagoon

Swimming in Rey spalte.jpg

And some other pictures: A piscine in Reykjavik and a photographic impression of the dessert close to the famous Laki Rift.

So long, more updates to come!

Synesthesia – A Sensual Sensation Aug 12, 2006

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Synesthesia – sensual perceptions tied together to an uniquely new experience. Mad Martin, Wicked Valle, Kollerfornia and esprit soleil threw their musical senses together. The outcome? Herratious, Hérilicious. A song called synesthesia. Light as waves in north atlantic summer. Download it – put it on a chair – taste it – feel it -merge with it.

Synesthesia – download it here – sounds for an amazing summer.

Escaping the plane – Backpack Takes Refuge?! Aug 12, 2006

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I am Freddy. Freddy the backpack. The thing I like to do most (besides having an easy time in the shelf of my choice) is flying. Being in the luggage room of an airplane is very pleasant. Just imagine the other backpacks, bags and suitcases from all over the world in a cool and relaxed place thousands of miles over the earth. During the flight we usually like to chat and exchange information about destinations and the exclusiveness and purpose of the things packed into us.

Some days ago it was flying time again. My owner carefully prepared me several days before take off for six tremendous weeks in Iceland. But I was kind of bored: Adventure holiday. This means being carried around on a sweaty back with smelly clothes from one point to another. However, I prefer to chill out in a nice hotel room with some bulbs or bathtubs to talk to. So I decided to run away. I figured out a satanic plan. The only difficult thing was to hide my plans from my owner.

All went well. Shortly after take off me and some other bags from France (a really fancy bag from Paris and me, basically) jumped off the plane right over the North Sea. The tides quickly brought us to the French Atlantic Coast where we are able to enjoy the beach and take part in some suitcase-surfing-lessons. And my owner?? Actually, I do not care. He got into the plane with shorts and T-Shirt. In I way, I feel sorry for him – the nice clothes in me should give him some shelter and pleasure. Although France is nice I might return to him and give him the backpack-support he needs. Anyway, the French bag gets on my nerves and I miss being carried through the beautiful Icelandic Nature….well. I have to think about it…..we’ll see.