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Looking for something Jul 28, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Iceland.
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Hey folks!

The big day has come: In less than 24 hours we will be chilling out in Reykjavík, with 6 weeks of adventures, fun, hardcore-camping, extreme-bus-riding and herra héri-propaganda waiting for us. Without words.

Herra Héri - Iceland 2006

Although we will be fighting our ways through the deepest Icelandic wilderness, we want to share this climax of Herra Héri’s efforts with everybody who cares. Therefore, I will try to establish a connection to the Herra Héri-representatives in Germany from time to time. When everything works out, you will be able to find out where we’re currently at and what’s going on in Iceland. So keep on coming by to www.herraheri.de to get the newest herra news!

When we will be back from our tour, you will find everything concerning this monumental trip in the spirit of herra héri at this place, of course! Look forward to some mighty stuff, man!

Just one more thing: If you are one of the expected thousands of Icelandic or other foreign guests that will be getting to this site in the forthcoming weeks, go for this site for some possible points of interest.

Alright then. 20 kilos in the back, squirrels in our hair – let’s do this!

For Herra Héri!

Mary Ann’s a bitch Jul 28, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri.
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Hey there!

Short newsbreak: As I’ve extendedly bothered you in the forefront of this The Down & Outs concert which took place last Saturday, I wanna close the circle and calmly inform you that the gig was a great thing. Check out this site for a whole bunch of great pics of this evening. Just like these ones:

horn section public viewing drumset

Furthermore, I strongly advise you to visit the website of this fabulous band, too: www.down-and-outs.de

So much for that.

Before I leave you alone, let me recommend you Regina Spektor, a piano-playing songwriter, who is really hillarious. Listen especially to Sailor Song on the record Mary Ann meets the grave diggers.

Alright then,

good night.

Botninn up! Jul 22, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri.
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As you might have noticed, I kind of optimized the sidebar with some queer Icelandic words. Of course, this is because I want the thousands of Icelanders that will visit this site in the following weeks and months to feel homelike. A little gamalt here, some bloggrúlan there, and the cute íkornum are cracking their nuts in the green tré. Great fun, ain’t it? So, have a great time with this Flokkar-stuff, dudes.

“The Down & Outs” Live and Open Air @ Café Klein on Saturday, July 22nd, 8 pm!

If you hadn’t got plans for this weekend: There you are! As I have already announced, our 11-man-Funk/Soul/Rock-Band The Down & Outs is rocking the stage in front of Café Klein/HCH-town this evening. The whole jamboree will start at 8 pm. Four hours of hot music will melt the asphalt down. Be there, it’s gonna be hillarious!

For more information about our glorious band, visit www.down-and-outs.de or check out the latest article on bl-bilder.de!

But now some serious issues. Today I had to realize with horror that I am maintaining a blog. As such a blogger I have to meet some criteria – write about completely useless stuff in absolute detail (check); orvide the reader with some comments on current events and interesting links (well, yeah..); be funny from time to time (count me out); and, what is most important, write about embarassing feelings, emotions and irrelevant little events that happen in one’s sad live. It pays well to reflect a little bit about these things and to lay extensively down your emotional life to everyone. Well, in that point, I have to push me ahead a little. So, psyche yourself up for Herra’s sentimental thoughts!

Dear Diary!

Today was so cool. The first thing I did after getting up was eating. I had schnitzel with chips, ketchup, mayonnaise and field salad (you know, I have to watch my weight a little…I feel so fat these days. My favourite t-shirt doesn’t fit that good any more – that dark green one with the tricycle and this cool phrase on it: My other ride is your mom! Haha, I love it, man! All the others say that I’m not fat at all, but well, you know, I think they are all lying to me. Whatevs. I’m pretty sure I’m going to start doing some sports the next days.). Then I had some chatting going on on icq – it was sooooo funny to talk to that guy we met last weekend at Treff! lol. He couldn’t remember anything and he asked me why his nose is broken ggg! Sick, man. So cool.

Then I was like driving around when I saw a girl standing on the side of the street and hitch-hiking. She looked so sad. I thought like “Maybe I should pick her up, it surely would be fun, and she’s looking so sad and fucked-up. Is she crying? Oh, I think she doesn’t wear any shoes…Freak! Cool!”, but then I had already passed her. I had a bad conscience about that. Poor girl. Maybe it was wrong to not pick her up. Maybe god wanted to test me if I’m a good person or something and now that I hadn’t picked her up he would be disappointed and if I would ever try to hitch-hike myself he would make sure that no one would pick ME up my god this is horrible! I am a terrible person! However, I considered returning for about 10 minutes or so but you know, that would have been quite embarassing, too.

Well then, until tomorrow, folks!

Check. Not that bad, eh?

No more to say.
Stay herra!

Things you always wanted to know about Iceland (2) Jul 19, 2006

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Heyho, folks!

Quite some time went by since the last episode of this monumental series. And here it is again, today with some fine music from the nordic Island. Curtain up!

Múm – Loksins erum við engin (Finally we are no one)

he grabbed my thumb and led me away from the accident. there was no point in watching any more, still i was reluctant to move. “we have to go find the others” he said. he never looked straight at me. we walked in the grass, around the shack and down to the stream. for some reason, i had never walked down there before. we went into a concrete tunnel, dark but warm. a part of a noise was leaking from the ceiling. now there was that music again. he sat down and heard me do the same. “finally we are no one” he said.

Pretty perplexing, what? Well, it’s not the first and not the last confusing thing you will hear by Múm, whether literally or musically. Their music sounds like it has just emerged out of Iceland’s nature, out of every rock, every wave in the chilly sea which now drifts on an untouched, deserted beach…out of every sheep, every hot pot, every raindrop falling down on the sparse, vast landscapes of Iceland’s Highlands. Though pressed on a Compact Disc, the music doesn’t loosen from these images, it still carries this melancholy, unreal atmosphere and puts it in the listener’s ear.

Múm 2

“Listen to our music, it will bring bread and cakes into your life!”

You see, if even emotional wrecks like me start to dream while listening to Múm’s music, it has to be really terrific. It’s hard to describe in detail: Electronica; Icelandic folk music, traditional instruments included; cryptic lyrics, beautifully but incomprehensibly sung by Kristín and Gyða Valtýsdóttir; crazy rhythms; computer love: it’s a fertile mélange. It’s random cinema. It’s elves dancing in their hidden holes in the Icelandic landscape.Múm 3

Before recording the album, Múm sought for inspiration in an abandoned lighthouse in the Northwestern part of Iceland. Then, they went to another abandoned lighthouse in the Southwest of Iceland called Garðskagi to record Finally we are no one – fits, somehow. On their myspace site, you can view a short video of the two ligthouses.

“Don’t be afraid, you have just got your eyes closed”

To cut a long story short: As I am obviously not able to put my enthusiasm for Múm’s music into proper/few words, let’s see how they try to describe their music: “It’s like a cross between hovering silently over a field of rhubarb jam and breaking your teeth, remembering how you broke your teeth or dreamily anticipating the time that you eventually will.”
There you are.


As weird Múm’s statements and song titles may sound, they somehow make sense when you listen to their music. You will understand what they mean – or what they could mean, at least.

Finally we are no oneThe album was published in 2002, and besides the normal version, there is a special edition with all lyrics sung in Icelandic (which doesn’t make a real difference, all in all – it’s hard to understand even the English lyrics).

If you’d like to hear/read more by Múm, check out their official website www.randomsummer.com , their myspace site (see above), or visit http://mumweb.net./, a cool fansite with plenty of proper photos and other stuff.

Tons of tones Jul 14, 2006

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Hey there!

A heavy weekend rolls up: Tomorrow, our #1-Jazz-Pogo-Combo Pacific Beat will play at the Abiball of the AG Hechingen in Balingen (wtf?). And this weekend, the notorious Irma-West-Kinderfest takes place once more…It seems to get more boring every year. BUT Pacific Beat will be playing there, too!

Pacific Beat

On Sunday, July 16th, they will rock the Pfadi-Jurte (probably the only cool place at the whole event) again, for the third time in a row.

Admission is 0 €, as usual, and PB will board the stage at around 10 pm. (There will be another band playing before.) Be there and have a party! Keep on rollin’ and stuff.

And, as I’m in this materia right now, let me announce another gig with The Down & Outs (now even with a funky name!), which will happen on Saturday, July 22nd at 8 pm in front of the Café Klein (Open Air!). But I will remind you of that from time to time next week and feed you with more information.

15 hot days to survive until we finally can freeze our brains in Iceland. Getting nervous. Must enhance my dose of tranquilizers.


I wish you a quite musical weekend!

Zizou & la Bandera Serie C Jul 10, 2006

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Italia??!! – Italia. But now let’s forget about it. Let’s turn to the few good things in life that remained despite yesterday’s anemic final of shame. How about…the herra héri-banner I wrote about last time? Yeah.

Well, all in all, it’s one story of success. We made it through all the inspections (in fact, they weren’t even in the mood to check my backpack – and for that I left my machete at home? damnit!). In the stadium, we didn’t wave to put the banner up. Well, maybe it was not the best place for media presence. But hey, the puzzled glances by all people around us was well worth it.

the proof   the warm-up   the anthem

The spirit inside the stadium was great. The game – at least in the first half – not at all. The absence of various starters like Ballack and Mertesacker clearly weakened the German play.The defense was quite holey; no miracle, with only Metzelder playing his regular position. But luckily Portugal was too bad to benefit from that fact.

the match
We had already come to terms with a penalty shoot-out when Schweinsteiger made the goal. That was the signal for a really entertaining second half with some more goals, Luis Figo’s last game for Portugal and his fine cross that resulted in Portugal’s only goal; and we also had to watch Mike Hanke playing “football”. Damnit, how subsurfacely poor is that guy. Whatever.
fireworks   our elephant neighbour
After the match and the award ceremony, the German team headed for their lap of honour, and a display of fireworks illuminated the dimmed Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadium. It was impressive, really. But then the music started. You can hardly call it music. It was about as musical as Mike Hanke strokes the ball. A medley of death. It kind of symbolized the downfall of German culture. Or had it always been that bad? – DJ Ötzi, Jürgen Drews, Hermes House Band and some other groups I don’t even want to know the name of, made his agonizing way into my ears. The crowd jubilated. I felt ashamed to be German. I wanted to emigrate to a random country. We had to leave the stadium.

Nevertheless, the evening ended quite nice: On Schlossplatz and around, there was one big party going on. It couldn’t have been more hillarious if Germany had won the title. At 4 am,several thousand people were still partying.


And thus the World Cup finds his placative end…



Allez les Blancs! Jul 7, 2006

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Basically, I don’t want to make a show of the fact that I am the proud owner of one ticket for the World Cup Small Final Germany vs. Portugal on Saturday in Stuttgart; but well…it’s really hard not to let this cat out of its bag.

To make the most out of this great opportunity, we created a Herra Héri-banner which we are going to try and install in the Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion. On the one hand, our message will reach millions of people and wash their brain; on the other hand, we can take bloody revenge on these ignorant guards who humiliated us with their Swabian dialect at France-Switzerland, when we unsuccessfully tried to take a Herra propaganda-sign with us. They will cry for sure. Or they will take the banner too and laugh up their sleeves. Hm.

The Banner
Whatever, if you see this formidable banner on TV on saturday eve, you know that we made it…finally!

A splendid Final with plenty of vin, fromage and of course baguette wishes you,

His Herraness

Herra’s coming home! Jul 4, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri.

Welcome Herrarians!

Yesterday was a good day. The new Herra Héri-Collection has arrived and the lucky buyers will soon receive their unique herra-appearel. Take a look at the impressive (out of focus) results:

Herra Hoodie

Herra T-Model
Hoodie – Model T

Herra - the logo Another Happy Costumer!
The emblem – first contented customers

And if that wasn’t enough, everyone will get this mysterious Herra Héri World Domination Kit, consisting of very megalomaniac, secret stuff…hohoho! – Well, whatever: it’s just some stickers showing the emblem you can also see on the sidebar. Good to do some rebellion and so on.

Some other stuff

Today is the World Cup Clash day. Germany vs. Italy. Phew. Thrill. Let’s evoke some good old feelings of success to gain a confident attitude towards that issue:

wtf? Schlossplatz

The fact that they managed to fuck up Frings for the semi-final doesn’t seem to calm the italians down. They still have doubts about their victory. So they’ve done some additional training to push their luck. Look at their hard work:

Italia’s doing overtime

As you see, it’s gonna be hard to beat this technically well-versed Italian team. Let’s see.

I wish you all a pleasant match and some serious fiesta!

Nice One – Cheers Jul 1, 2006

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Just the day before yesterday – or – hold on – I think it was the day before the day before yesterday when I suddenly woke up in a beautiful area. From this eye-opening seconde my brain was situated in the middle of May with exciting flowers in full bloom and a soft and subtle sun touching my winter-crumpled skin carefully.

I need a Herra Injection

It was beautiful. It was France. Just the mountains of the area around Nice and Menton between me and a beautiful salad fruit de mér. Voilà – Le piscine. Very important, if the mountains threaten to prevail me from water – humans need tools!


I breathe in

I breathe out

The pool is nice as well but….
I need a Herra injection – watch it.