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Squirrelish Intonations EP – Botninn up! Feb 12, 2009

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri.

Yes. We considered it.  For a very long time. We talked. We created. We deconstructed. We enhanced. And then, finally, we just did it! And so, here it is:

The Herra Héri Orchestra – Squirrelish Intonations EP

the fucking fresh front


Yeah, my friends! This very CD is the delicious fruit of more than two years of exploring the world of Herra Héri. Sometimes this world is pulsing orange, sometimes it is an explosion of light;  sometimes it is capricious and silent. Sometimes a flash of hope, sometimes stroboscopic – by any means, the world of Herra Héri finds it musical expression in the unity of bass, guitar, trombone and voice. In this sense, the Squirrelish Intonations EP captures the spirit of the many nights we spend together recording, drinking and flattering ourselves.

What I want to say with all these pathetic words is: The Squirrelish Intonations EP is one mighty piece of music! And if that wasn’t enough, the music is rolled up in a dazzling package of words, pictures and collages  (some people would call it “booklet”).

So, if you are interested in this marvellous piece of work created by the Herra Héri Orchestra, just contact me and open up for the amazing colourstreams!