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2000 Metres of Rock and Pain Jun 30, 2008

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri.
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2000 Metres, up in rock
un petit pie
A small road winding up to mental desaster
to smash thoughts with pain

working like a machine up to the montain crown
carved alps in feet and sweat
centimeter per centimetre, up up

Don’t think, just be, glowing sun in the neck
breathing hot air
just steps, tok tok tok tok
Smile in the sun

Bend it in Cactus-Forrest Jun 11, 2008

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri.
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Yellow. Red. Colours that occur quite often in cactus valley close to the most western point of the European Continent. You name it: Cabo da Roca. Most people still are not aware of the large and yet green cactus forrest close to rocks and ocean.

And yet – particularly people liking football should spend some minutes to reflect on the forrest of cactus plants. Just imagine: Figo and Zidane playing a little match in this environment: Let’s suppose they don’t play foul, so their bodies will be unaffected by stitchy cactus-plants. But most important, the ball is lost as soon as it hits one of the green air-releasing plants.

Yes. They are nice and green but also mean and not very fond of football. Think of this the next time goalkeepers complain about the properties of a ball. It could be worse and balls have a soul.