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Herra the Heri

Herra Heri – An urban legend which has been left utterly to oblivion for decades. The myth has its origin in the heart of Iceland where an gigantic rabbit used to have peasants work for him – building rock houses for him and his fellow rabbits. Here is a picture of these activities. It was found in an ancient house in Iceland’s capital Reykjavik. Herra_the_original.jpg

The rabbit is situated at the left. However, there was no cruelty in the relationship between humans and the rabbit. In contrary: The unusual work inspired the humans to paint pictures, write literature and compose music – mostly to honour the rabbit (clearly here is a mytholocal analogy to Rip van Winkle who observes god-like forefathers bowling in a dream like state of mind which inspires him later to become a well-known story teller).

The fascination with rabbits and myth lead to an urban revival of Herra Heri – Mister Rabbit. It has become a symbol for modern lifestyle and freedom of mind. The Herra Community continues to grow bigger and has members all over Europe.

This blog is meant to spread a notion of free imagination which is at the heart of the Herra Heri idea – Synesthesia of feeling, perception and knowledge – a creative and inspiring blending of cognitive processes. Fly with Herra Heri and enjoy this blog.
Herr Heri


1. Chrisse - May 7, 2006

Hey Martin,
Wollte mich jetzt auch endlich mal auf der Hera site verewigen.
Grüße vom Bodensee.

2. Austrian Newcomer Award 2007 - Oct 30, 2006

hi leute,

der austrian newcomer award geht in runde drei.

ab sofort können sich bands aus österreich und dem benachbarten ausland für eine nominierung bewerben.

bewerbungsschluss ist der 05. dez.06

alle infos findet ihr unter http://www.newcomeraward.at

“danke” für die benutzung eures gästebuches!

heli mayr

austrian newcomer award

3. bibomedia - Mar 4, 2008


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