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Wild, Savage & Violent Jan 20, 2008

Posted by herraheri in M. L'éléphant.
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It is time to think a bit on the wild west. Did it exist in the way “Dances with Wolves” presents it to us. What about Bret Harte’s short stories founding – among others – the myth of the west. Remember that Edgar Allan Poe’s wildly inspired short stories have already been published at that time.

Gunslinger, bankrobber: The west – myth or not – what you might ask has it to do with Herra Héri. Well: Basically nothing. Undoubtetely there is absolutely no connection. However, maybe there is one – but it is still hidden. Hidden by Baudelaire’s Fleurs de Mal (by the way Baudelaire translated Poe) or Rimbeauds colourful vocals. Who knows.

But until that, the west remains undisputed. Ye.

Elephants and Tigers Jan 13, 2008

Posted by herraheri in M. L'éléphant.
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Elephants and Tigers are two animals that share two very distinct features:

(1) Neither Elephants nor Tigers live in the Arctic or any cold area comparable to the Arctic.
(2) Neither Elephants nor Tigers eat wood or are in any way vitaly connected to wood.

So it have not been Elephants and Tigers that nearly caused a tree to crash on one of Munich’s main roads by hungrily nagging the stem.

Concluding from (1) and (2) it is very likely that the starving animals were beavers. Yes. Little, nice, furry beavers. Fortunately, they found the tree to get their teeth shortened and their tiny beaver-stomachs filled.

Hard to imagine, the traffic and wood chaos if Elephants and Tiger were non(2)…Incroyable.

P.S.: Happy New Year, Everybody! HA!