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Pack a punch!

As I feel the strong desire to possess something like a guestbook, I make use of this little nutty trick: Just use the comment function below. Haw!

On this page, you can leave your thoughts, bitch around, thresh phrases, do some destructive criticism, praise life in general and this homepage in particular…Write (almost) anything you want, or just write nothing at all if you don’t want to: Every hompage deserves its recreation site!

In this spirit, have fun nibbling around!


1. herraheri - May 15, 2006

Herra Héri, dudes!

2. Visca Catalunya! - May 15, 2006

Hello dear Mr. Heri,

I’d like to write you something in my extremely bad English, you know that I had to blackmail the teacher to get good marks.
But anyway, I just want you to know that I’m really looking forward to our little trip and t’estimo moltíssim!

con un cordial saludo,

P.O.U.M a.k.a. the little squirreless

P.S.: Visca Catalunya! Visca la terra!

3. Indeo Fezzik - May 16, 2006

A guestbook…I love guestbooks…and every other place worth my two cents…
Aaaand I seem to be the first conquerer after Mr. and Mrs Squirrel…that really made my day. But enough for now…

me (whoelse?)

4. ??? - Jun 23, 2006

ich check die seite auf keinen meter!

5. Chris aus Konne - Jun 24, 2006

Junge, Junge, bist du durchgknallt!
Interview mit einem Virus?!
Egal, welche Drogen du nimmst:
ich will sie auch nehmen!!!

6. Yo-Y - Jun 29, 2006

If you won`t write in english, i will make you do, you stupid brick from the swabian sea!
I just recognised that I haven`t left you a message in your guestbook, so: here it is, have fun with it. It`s so good that you all gonna die, after reading it till the end….

In your place, I wouldn`t read it till the end…

I warned you…

Good bye.

7. Chris aus Konne - Aug 18, 2006

Are you fuckers still alive in Iceland?
I think in Germany it’s as cold as in Iceland! This august sucks!
Is Yannick’s backpack back? Oh! A rhyme! Unbelieveable!
My work in the Edeka market sucks. The first week I worked. But this week I said them, that I was ill. Next week I’ll go there again. Hopefully it’ll go over fast!

8. Pompini - Nov 15, 2006

Buon luogo, congratulazioni, il mio amico!

9. the incredible masters voice - Jan 10, 2007

Dear Herra Heri,

Im so glad to find you on this page… Day for day, week for week, month for month….and…yeah, year for year I followed my inner voice, this scary screamins: herraHeriherihariherriherraheri. It was so difficult to difine it…to get the right informations out of these absolutely confusing and mad phrases… Thanx god…. I found you! And I thank u so much for drivin me mad… I always knew I am…but not how far I could go with this special gift! Now I know… I tried… I met Elvis, Werner Herzog AND Klaus Kinski at the same time….man! and without takin any drugs, dude! I swear this is the truth!

10. herraheri - Jan 10, 2007

Damnit! You took it to the fucking next level, mate!

11. andy - Jan 25, 2007

I don´t think so…he´d always been nuts…sooner or later he had to follow the way of the squirrel…HERRRA! 😉

How about the new collection? I want a pin-striped suit (black) with the “Double H” Logo sticked on the front pocket (silver) and a Dr. Squrrel character in the neck (white outlines, no fillings, approx. 3cm in size).

Lumpi Lumpsen

12. arch - Apr 14, 2007

Du musst ein Fachmann sein – wirklich guter Aufstellungsort, den du hast!

13. T - Apr 18, 2007

Du hast die Haare schön!
Du hast die Haare schön!
Du hast, du hast!
Du hast die Haare schön!

Hey Mad Martin,
evrything fine?
See you soon!
Ya Brother! 😉

Biaaaaaaaa….nca 😉

14. Boogufutzi - May 19, 2007

Boah, Moin Männer.
Nach drei Ladungen Multidol zum Frühstück dacht ich mir, “jawoll, ich bin b(e)reit für diese WEB-Seite”.
Ich weiss jetzt nicht ob sie’s wussten, aber beim “Here” Link to the ultimative football hymn of the Moelf Freunde istn Fehler in der URL. Da ich ja unter starkem Multidol Einfluss stehe hatte ich echte Probleme das dann in Griff zu kriegen, aber geschaft. Jaja, es gibt nix was mich aufhält, OleOleOle, ich bin immer für euch da.
So, muss jetzt mal kacken, glaub ich hab Bierschiss…ihr wisst schon.
Auf wiederhören.

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