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Put the Squirrel Into the Martini Apr 22, 2007

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri.
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Yeah, fellas! What a bright day! The new Herra Héri – Collection now sees the light of day and can hardly wait to be worn!


Yes, it’s hard times we are living in: Iran gets ready to bomb America to pieces and build a giant car-park instead, Iraq is bombing itself to pieces (no car-park planned), the RAF passes the buck to each other (if you`re asking me, it was Zorc Wotan who was sitting on the motocycle, shooting Buback – bad one, this Zorc-guy.), the pollen are crucifying allergic persons, France once more invites his right wing extremists to vote for LePen (maybe Oettinger wants to have a share, too?), the Netherlands are going to be the new Atlantis, the desert comes creeping towards Germany, Schalke 04 will probably win the German Cup…damnit, the times we are living really suck. We are desperately in need of some candy to lighten up. And, hell yeah, what could be sweeter than some fancy Herra Héri-clothes?


With these, the sun is always shining, the temperature is just right for some barbecueing (every night), there is no hay fever at all, VfB Stuttgart will be champion and earth’s people are enjoying some great music, having a few beers and feasting altogether – in short, Herra Héri actively helps you to make the best out of your lives – savoir-vivre, you know. (Sounds like a sect to you? Well, there you are – click this link to fill in the initiation form and to find out our bank account number!) In fact, I believe that even Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could be a quite nice guy with some better ideas (about earth, piece and all that stuff) wearing Herra Héri-clothes.

As you can see, this time there is almost everything. The range is from caps to hoodies, from boxers to business-chemises, from tees to fleeces. By now, one can completely dress up in Herra Héri-clothing – presumed that you like to walk bare-footed.

women polo Contrast Hoodie Boxershorts Women Hoodie Women hoodies TsMen polo Business Chemise Caps
The fortunate customers will receive their apparel in short!

But theres is still hope for the miserable persons who missed their chance: Most probably you can find happiness next Friday at the Bar/Balingen, next Saturday at Fecker/Hechingen or next Monday at Etage2/Rottweil, when the Down&Outs are kicking their shit out to the people. And don’t forget to bring some dollars to burn with you!


Bloodshot! Apr 13, 2007

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Yeah folks – herra héri starts really big business: We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring Tübingen’s (ah well, let’s speak the truth: the world’s) finest Hip Hop Crew Lingua Loca with some exquisit trousers. It will definitely burn the spectator’s eyes! Another step towards the eternal immortality of the herra héri thought!

Herra Lingua
Last night, Lingua Loca played at the Play Live Contest in Mannheim. And with the help of their genuine Herra Héri Pant, they made the 2nd place. Yeah!

Visit Lingua Loca’s official webiste as well as LL’s Myspace Site and get flashed!

Well, and as there are so many more great events taking place in the future days, let me recommend a few of them:

-4/27/2007: The formidable funky hound cats of the Down&Outs are rocking the Bar in Balingen

-4/28/2007: Again the Down&Outs, this time a little chill out at the Fecker Pub in good old Hechingen

-4/30/2007: Well, yeah, it’s getting boring, but this will be a hell of a gig: The Jazz in Town Festival in Rottweil featuring the exhausted but highly motivated Down&Outs.

Be there! (and check out www.down-and-outs.de for more information)

So, that’s that for the next time pretty much; there are more things to come up in June and so on.

Also, let me lighten up your day with some really nice pics from Cologne and Amsterdam, the chillout-town with the odd Russian flair. Up there, the world is still a nice place: The houses ought not be bolt upright, and the red light district is a really cosy, fine district with nice people all around. At least until you start taking photos.

Cologne at sundown Cologne at Sundown

De Wallen The red light district of Amsterdam – now officially herra-pimped!

Yeah, Dutch architecture Yeah, right, fuck 90°!

The legendary grasshopper-tent, which beared all the Icelandic tortures with us, also was reanimated in the – let’s say- nice surroundings of the camping site in Amsterdam. It felt good, really.

Tent reloaded!

For more revelations from the Moscow of the West, check out bl-bilder.de!

Deep, So Deep Apr 10, 2007

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Again. I feel haunted. Again. Altough the day started so bright, the sun and the flowers in my garden gave me an enlighted feeling, yes, I felt some of the joy of living I know I was able to feel in my heart just a few years ago. I blinked, I enjoyed the impression of the little yellow, red and blue flowers, the sky and the little bugs scuttling over my bare feet, flying occassionally, digging, living.

But by now I am sure it was merely an illusion. It is dark, my friend, so dark I can hardly stand it. Yes, it is true that I tried to reach my old friend Piet Rosengrün in order to ask him if he walled me in – together with a bottle of wine and my most beloved jewelery. Yes my jewelery. The rubins, diamonds and smaragds. I love it to dip them into wine and taste their eternal colour. How spicy, how lovely, how exclusively tasty they are. I like my Ivory Coast diamonds dipped in a Bordeaux 1893. Oh. Mh. Yeah. I love the taste of smaragds with a lovely Soave – Italian dolce vita and eternity. Fugacity can taste so eternal. Yeah. Fugacity. Yes. But unfortunately Piet refused. Someone sold him to Asia. Cannot imagine who.

“Fugacity can taste so eternal”

So I have to continue suffering. Though I know the reason. Anxiety and fear are gnawing the last bits of my soul. Blackness is all that is left behind by the nagging mice of despair and death. Yes, it it is time. I should decend to the caves. Open my last bottle. Have the last symphony of stone and liquid. It is just. I feel. So tired.