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Razors and ropes Feb 22, 2007

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During the last two days, the members of the formidable Herra Héri Orchestra threw their most creative and desperate ideas into one huge pot and dressed one hell of a black-blooded song – Sunshine and flowers. The emotional burden during the recording process was immense. Our mood went down and down (we had already pulled out or knifes, ready to slit our wrists) – to finally rise up again in a monumental catharsis. Just like the song. Be curious!

In a few days, you will find the song in its whole tragedy on this site : get ready to cry!

recording 1rec2


Until then – click on the nice icon right of you to hear our previous song Synesthesia!

Meditation in Circles – And A Ball! Feb 13, 2007

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I woke up. Slowly I rubbed my eyes. Hopefully no inflamed conjunctiva. Yeah. Fortunately not! I open my eyes. Tenderly. I remember the night: Birds screaming, apples growing on purple trees and a dwarf in a red costume offering me French cheese et le baguette avec du vin. Yes, Yes, Yes. Quite nice – actually – my dream.

Suddenly, I shudder. A roaring appears from my deepest unconscious. Leather-made, round, playful, violent, beautiful and philosophic. Football – le foot – as vine-sipping Jaquie would have put it.

Soon, the sudden shudder turns into pure joy. For days I couldn’t let go the most beautiful and traditional football hymn. Stadions ear candy – le perce-oreille du foot – as Jaquie would have put it between deux baguettes et un verre du vin. Oui – Le rouge.

For days I have been humming the tune. Ole Ole Ola. Originating from Argentina it blasted its way to Europe – blooming in full strength between wannebe-epiphany, euphoria and medititation. Meditation – between thousands of people, hypnotised by a ball – it is possible to empty yourself between other empty selves. Emptyness in meditation. What a relief. A new start.

Ole, Ole – victory is near – get ready to celebrate. Ola – have you seen the playfulness and beauty of the teams. No enemy (despite the fact that no enemy is mentioned in the song makes its existence on the green even more visible). Yeah. What a Tune.

After it entered my dreams – I looked for it on the internet to transform football-inspiration into net-visions. 2.0. Watch out!

Herra Héri conquers Asia Feb 6, 2007

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Herra Héri is proud to present you some brand new, fucking amazing stuff straight from the other side of the world – Our world tour correspondent Michael H. supplied us with some fresh pics from Singapur, where herra héri is obviously gaining ground by now! Thanks to Jelleborg down there! For more frank pictures from somewhere beyond the sea, check out his site!

Check it out.

haizmannheri2.jpg haizmannheri3.jpg haizmannheri4.jpg

welcome to herra héri country

haizmannheri1.jpg haizmannheri5.jpg

Bob Ross: An Introduction to do intuitional art, part 1 Feb 2, 2007

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Sometimes people get ill (in the sense of “mentally deranged”). It’s a crazy thing: from one second to another, there is a whole bunch of people claiming to be you, and you have to deal with all of them. Well, I think there is probably just one appropriate way to handle this stuff: you have to tag your room. Yeah, that’s it.

jusqu’ici, tout va bienpiet on the wall

You see, I know what I’m talking about. This Piet guy bothered me a hell of a time with his comments on everything I did – until today, when I killed him by writing him out of my body. Here you can see the miserable relics of his fight against death – ridiculous!


Goodbye, Piet.