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Following Blues Brother’s steps Nov 25, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri.
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As there are some pretty durable problems with our server, it’s more or less impossible to get through to the site by browsing for http://www.herraheri.de (wanna give it a try, doubting Thomas?). However, it still works with herraheri.wordpress.com. But if you are reading this, you are most probably already in possession of this precious information.

Until everything is going fine again, let me show you some pictures of Lingua Loca‘s gig in Rottenburg’s jail last week. Pretty impressive thing, I can tell you. Take a look!

At the gates The unholy band Come out and play

Eat sitting around…chillin eat more

For more stunning pictures visit this site.
En plus, if you yearn for some more detailed stories about this unholy and monumental event, check out bl-bilder.de for a whole report of the gig.

If you are interested in Lingua Loca’s bad boys/good mood – hiphop-shit: We will play next Saturday, December 2nd, at Café Nepomuk in Reutlingen together with two other bands. Starting shot will be at 20.30. It’s gonna be a fancy mess, so be there!


An offer you can’t refuse. Nov 11, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri.
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Hey ho. Be so queer to take a look at this astonishing picture taken just a few hours ago by our roving reporter Monsieur L’éléphant in the depths of Munichs streets.


These awarcados are not the normal stuff you get in the standard neo-nazi specialities shop, no. HASS is the hand grenade amongst the avocados. Only lethal with the notorious BIO-seal of approval.

Delightful Scoring Nov 8, 2006

Posted by mlelephant in Herra the Heri.

Yes – it is football time again in Stuttgart. And this is what the SV from Hamburg experienced when trying to sneak away with a lousy and goalless draw.

Herra Heri Goal Scouts however bring to you a fine recording of the stunning 2:0 by Hitz the Hammer. The 1:0 was scored by Mario Gomez by the way.

Keep your head up Hamburg – keep on rolling Stuttgart 🙂

First there is cheering

Then the silence before the storm

followed by the pure delight of scoring

Winter – Autumn’s Ugly Flower Nov 3, 2006

Posted by mlelephant in Herra the Heri, M. L'éléphant.
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نعم ، فالجمال لا يعرفون انهم محرومون من الثلج.ولكننا نعرف اننا قد تعرضت للخيانة.Afaladim.

In deed, camels don’t even know they are deprived of snow. But we do know, we have been betrayed as winter implies the nasty power of its snow stinking flower. As it were, it is time to remember Indian summer, good-time-pal-fall or simply and safely brother autumn with a little poetry

Oh sunny autumn you have been so good to us,

you made us forget, that we like spring and summer.

You are so colourful and blind of carbon dioxide.

Showing the optimism of humanity in desserts of rotting dry, red leaves.

Or as Piet Rosengrün uttered before he somehow dissappeared in a small room in Tübingen: Give me autumn-inspiration, let my heart feel the blood stream of decaying nature and provide me a good CFC fridge to pretend it is already winter.

However, albeit the more or less reasonable statements above. Time to fly back to what can truely be remembered as a late-year sun festival.

Autumn Inspiration