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Dr. Squirrel & Zorc Wotan

There are friends you should not forget to mention when setting up an Internet blog. In this particular case these are Sir Zorc Wotan from Eritrea and his little friend Dr. Squirrel.

squirrel.jpgZorc Wotan's Home

Dr. Squirrel and the entrance to the castle of Sir Zorc Wotan

You might wonder what is (1) the particular relation of Sir Zorc Wotan to Dr. Squirrel and (2) in what subject Dr. Squirrel actually has his Phd. The answer to the latter question is rather obvious: Dr. Squirrel made his Phd in. ->”Nutology” – in detail he wrote on “The Effect of Cinnamon and other Spices on the development of nuts in the stomach of squirrels”. The landmark thesis turned out to improve the condition of many squirrels especially during winter when most food is spiced with cinnamon. Furthermore the thesis marked the beginning of ‘squirrelpology’ a science close to anthroplogy.

The answer to the first question however is rather difficult as perhaps Zorc doesn’t now himself what characterises his relation to Dr. Squirrel. Perhaps it is his nice fur (which is great to cuddle) or his cute way of cracking and eating nuts – perhaps his astonishing resemblance to Tour der France-Master Lance Armstrong.

After all – shout outs to Zorc (you are the man) and Dr. Squirrel – all great men need a pet at last, don’t they.


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