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Up:u.p. Sep 29, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Iceland.

Well, although I have already started the Iceland coverage with the last post, I am pretty confident that it is not too late for the exclusice, brain-washing Trailer of the Iceland 2006 Journey. It is crank. If you know what’s good for you, you better watch it!

Additionally, I created this hot Synesthesia-button to click on in the beautiful sidebar. The fact that Ball Point Pen’s homepage (where this musical piece of art is sleeping the whole day) does not seem to be working in the moment, doesn’t depress me too much. Just click on the button from time to time. I’m pretty confident the BPP-homepage will soon work again (will it, Andy?!) and you can download the song as often as you want to! Enjoy!

Let’s do it! Sep 24, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Iceland.
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Hello, dear people!

Right now, I am in the mood to just start some babbling about this whole Iceland stuff. And as I’ve become a very spontaneous person, that is exactly the thing I am going to do.

Saturday, July, 29th – Day 1

The backpack – A drama in one act.


  • Pissed traveller #1 a.k.a. Y
  • Pissed traveller #2 a.k.a. M
  • Indifferent airport staff

and, in a fulminant hallucination underpart:

  • The lost backpack

ACT 1, Scene 1

On the plane. The approach to Iceland is in progress.

M(euphoric). Man, these six weeks are going to be so cool, dude!

Y. Indeed.

M(still more euphoric). Let’s get really drunk tonight!

Y. OK.

The plane touchs down and some busy people start unloading the baggage.

M. Oh, great, I see our luggage!

Y. Fine!

M. I’d say we go in, buy some alcohol and then let’s roll!

Y. Já.

ACT 1, Scene 2

Inside the airport. The process of buying beer is completed. The two travellers come to the assembly line to pick up their baggage. M finds his stuff, but Y’s luggage isn’t on the line.

Y. What the hill?

M. Well, it’ll surely appear soon. Let’s wait a few seconds.

They wait. The backpack doesn’t appear.

Y(angrily). Ca suffit! Let’s go and ask these airport slaves what’s going on.

They do so.

Y(polite). Hey, I just arrived from Hahn, and my luggage isn’t on the l….


Y. Ha…

INDIFFERENT AIRPORT STAFF(calming down): Stop crying, man! What did you expect? We are IcelandExpress! But hey, why don’t you call our expensive hotlines several times in the next days? They can lie much better than me! They are used to pretend to do something for you! But I can tell you one thing, you strange person! We will NEVER search for your luggage and you won’t see one penny from us! HA!

Y. But…


ACT 1, Scene 3

Inside the airport, in the entrance hall.

M. Well, she couldn’t really help us, eh?

Y. Nah..I’m really pissed, man.

M. Yeah, me too. I guess the only thing we can do is go to Reykjavík and get seriously drunk. How ’bout that?

Y. Allright then, let’s do it.

ACT 1, Scene 4

What shall we do with a drunken sailor?

Act 1, Scene 5

It’s 2:00 am, Y and M sit on a bench on Laugavegur. M has stared on the ground for several hours, he fixed on one shabby slip of paper lyingin front of him. He finally picks it up and observes it.

M. Hey, take a look at this shit! It’s a postcard from your backpack! He’s in France!

Y. No way, dude!

He takes the postcard.

Y. (reading): Hello, Master Y. I am sorry, but I have to tell you that I am in Arcachon right now, that’s at the south-western French coast, just in case you cared. It’s really warm here and I am almost dry. There are some hot daypack-chicks down here. I believe it’s much better than in Iceland. Actually, who wants to go to Iceland? Well, nevertheless, I wish you a pleasant holiday, HA HA HA! Cheerio, Jack Wolfskin.

M. Ha! Look, there is also a picture of him on the beach with some small, stylish backpacks in his arms. He looks pretty cool with his sunglasses.

Y. Yeah…..

M. Will you answer him?

Y. Well, I guess I won’t.


Shuck that corn Sep 18, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Iceland.
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For your amsuement. The arousing photo story of a man who is really, really hungry. Sad but true.

Location: Karl og Kerling (these queer rocks in the background)/ Vesturdalur (Jökulsárgljúfur National Parc)

Date: 8/24/2006

Fleece sponsored by: Herra Héri

Hello. My name is Örn Arnarsson, and I am really hungry.

Why not try to eat my potentially delicious Herra héri apparel?!Well, that was not as good as i expected. What else can I reach without burning to much calories?
Yeees.....my cap...it looks exactly like an apple. Give it a try!krplt mkln, hrrd wklt!
Hum, it's not really the apple flavour I expected, but........all in all, it's a good meal. Something differnet , at least. I would do it again. I'm Örn Arnarsson, and now I'm going to cease my worthless life by jumping into the rough floods. Bless!

Summer Sleep Sep 13, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Iceland.

Góðan daginn, people!

It’s been a couple of days since we returned from our monumental trip. Well, as we had decided not to sleep during the six travel weeks, we were considerably exhausted back home (Home? The first thing I associate to “home” is a greenish, rather ugly tent in “Raupe Nimmersatt”-look.) Therefore, I thought that a little four-day sleeping marathon would be just the right thing to do. And indeed, it was.

Back in business – almost.

I can imagine you’re all bursting with pleasant anticipation – picture artwork, the Icelandic spirit banned right on celluloid, herrarious stories, good english sentences, tickling wordplays. Consumption!

But you know, things have to settle a little; my inner storyteller primarily has to learn how to handle the huge amount of impressions, experiences, silences and nature to thereupon bake some of the most delicious pastry you’ve ever degustated. It will be even more delicious than some oven-fresh Hringur from Bónus.

Totally mad stuff awaits you:

  • How to survive one week in Iceland with nothing but shorts and a teethbrush?
  • Snow on August, 7th
  • Chatting with plastered Icelanders
  • Chatting with Elves
  • Thinking about a scientific explanation for 10 days sunshine in a row
  • Northern lights and cold feet
  • Iceland vs. Italia Euro Qualifiers (U21)
  • Vinbuð fun
  • Hangover after one mouthful of Jägermeister and one light beer
  • About the chances to get picked up on a lonesome road when you’re two stinking guys with huge backpacks
  • Dead Birds and hot pots
  • The “Snickers”-Diet (quite effective!)

This and some more bags filled with totally wicked stuff will follow on this very site…So be curious!Thitherto, let me additionally water your mouth with some well-assorted pictures.

Jökulsárlon Herra Tagging Hrafntinnusker

Sunset – Herra tagging in Landmannalaugar – Conquering ghost houses

Bus driving Maltextrakt Hitch-Hiking

Bus driving – Maltextrakt og appelsin – Hitch-Hiking

Outdoor camping Saufen

Outdoor Camping – Serious Drinking
Sleep Gufubad Car rental

Spontaneous Sleeping – Gufubaðið Laugarvatni – Car renting

spoooky Vatnajökull

Unearthly encounters – glacier mocking

So much for now. These pictures work particularly with the official Herra Héri-Song “Synesthesia”, which I advise you to download right now!

Synesthesia – The official Herra Héri Iceland Tour 2006-Soundtrack – Check it out! Fucking amazing!

So long, I feel kind of…tired………


Drive by Dessert Sep 7, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, M. L'éléphant.
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Yes. It is true. There is no way to deny it. It is not possible to have the slightest doubt about ist. It is a fact. Indeed, it has to be acknowledged. It has to be accepted. Why should it be different. Yeah – say yes. It cannot be avoided. Just look at it. It is so beautiful. Dessert, black white, Arial, sans serif, anyway.

Drive By Dessert

Westman Islands – Ireland beaten Sep 3, 2006

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Hey there.Slainte and just another squirrelicious Update in Herra Heri Land. First of all – the two young travellers – they reached the Westman Islands and are and the atmosphere. Just to give you an impression of fire and ice melting in water: Take a look at the picture.

Westman Island

On their way up to see the street of orange light painted on the ocean by the sun it was football time: Italy vs. Iceland (U21) a qualifier for the European Championship. Italy won with one (lucky – of course) goal but the icelandic night vibrated afterwards as if it had been a victory.

A propos football. Another qualifier: Germany vs. Ireland in Stuttgart. It was just amazing. More than 53 000 people going crazy – and the Irish supporters: What a amazing atmosophere.

Underground      An atmosphere of pure football joy

By the way: Get the true Herra Heri goal cheering. Podolski scored! Luckily but very deserved – Klose and Schweinsteiger hit the bar.

 Turn your living room into the Gottlieb Daimler Stadion!

So long. 1:0 Ahead. Herra Heri!

Gufubadid Laugarvatn Sep 1, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, M. L'éléphant.
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Iceland in your living room. Unfortunaltely I have to tell you that relaxing on the couch is not as chilling as a visit in the Gufubadi in Laugarvatn. It is a geothermal steam bath. The steam cabins are built right on top of a boiling hot spring. Amazing. Take a look at:

Boiling hot steam bath

After your skin is almost peeled off you can enjoy a nice cool swim in the lake next to the steam bath. Notice how beautiful the steam and clouds reflect in the water surface.

Laugarvatn Lake

One week to come in Iceland. Be sure that latest news will be posted here. Herra Heri!