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What Constitutes a Bad Day Aug 29, 2007

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri.
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Yeah. This might seem a slightly naive question but if you think hard on it you might be able to figure out at least some criteria. Hours of reflecting and terribly mind-blowing thinking finally lead me to the following:

1. Get up with a really bad hang-over because you had too many beers in a Bavarian pub while playing chess with some new acquainted friends (and lost, of course, every single match, badly defeated because of stupid mistakes, although you consider yourself an experienced chess player).

2. Everything you touch crashes to the ground with incredibly loud and harsh sounds: Toothbrush, Shower stuff etc).

3. You prepare your breakfast and notice that coffee, milk and even liquour is empty. Of course the empty bottles crash to the ground, exploding in millions of mean fragments tormenting your naked feet.

4. You have to take the bike to work because public transport is down and you don’t own a car. Of course it is raining cats and dogs so you are soaked after millions of little raindrops gave your face an itchy massage.

5. You receive emails containing only bad news – unnecessary to mention that everything you touch keeps on falling down.

6. While preparing coffee, the used coffee falls to the ground causing a dirt-mass.

Well yeah. After that day of things falling down, cleaning up, head-ache and the indefinte longing for something you can’t think off, it starts pouring water down as hell just as you get on your bike to head home, although it did not rain the whole time you were in office. Spendid!

“Not your Hostage” – another squirrelish tune brougt to you by the Herra Héri Orchestra! Aug 1, 2007

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri.
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Salut, mes amis!

After weeks and weeks of sweaty travail and suicide support group attendances, the newest creative explosion put forth by the exceptionally gifted Herra Héri Orchestra is ready to be degustated by you, dear music lover and savoir-vivant!

Not your Hostage is one hell of a track. There is not much to say about it, except maybe that the Herra Héri Orchestra is in all likelyhood going to become world famous with it. (At this point I would like to object the rumour about the HHO splitting up that was spread in our fan fora. Don’t worry, folks, we won’t stop keeping it real!).

Well, back to hard reality and our beautiful, intense song. I won’t try to couch what happens in Not your Hostage; just close your eyes and feel the intensity – let the song affect your senses. You will most probably not regret it!
Just click on the friendly button below to enter in a world of pain, synthesizers, blood, gospel choirs, fierce guitar riffs, ecstatic singing/growling and colourful relief.

…eat fire, burn in flames!

Of course you will find this song as well as the other two HHO blossoms on the Herra Héri Orchestra page. If you haven’t yet, check out Synesthesia and Sunshine and flowers!