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Bang bang, shoot shoot Dec 31, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri.
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Hail Satan!

Well, it’s the northern edge of the year. So, what about some cultivated amusement?

And with a little luck, the magnetic poles of our beautiful planet won’t change at midnight and we won’t have to die in a lousy, deadly sunstorm. In this case, you could possibly still be able to watch the video tomorrow; but if you ask me, we are all going to fry in hell in a few hours. HOWEVER, these sun bitches won’t get me this easy. I built a spaceship to leave Earth right in time and settle down on the Moon (Yeah, I own a little area up there, I call it Cocaine Country). I plan to survive by cheese. Someone wants to join me? – 2300, Tour Eiffel. You will recognize me by a cute little red cat located in my face.

And be careful with your table firework!There have been strange things happening because of this stuff.

Nique sa mère, la police!


Christmaster, Easter – All the same Dec 23, 2006

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Hoe hoe hoe, people!

My plan for this year’s holy days is to be so plastered that I hardly get anything. Great, what? I will start this ambitioned undertaking right now. The cocaine is ready to be sniffed – aaaaaaah! Bienvenue dans le club diabolique!

Herra Héri likes all of you, so he decided to make you a little gift: Some herratastic pictures of our trip wait for you right here in this post as well as on herra’s pics. Do with them whatever you want! If you don’t feel like thinking, I would suggest to maybe use them as a background or something.

Askja Fish Thorsmörk

Jökulsárlon Eldgjá

Landmannalaugar Freedom

In the club diabolique, we listen to really good music. We know what’s hip. Our newest discovery is the fabulous Bl-Bilder Sampler #3, which -for some obscure reasons- features the headbanger Synesthesia, the official Herra Héri song. Go for it, what the hell are you waiting for?! You can also find Lingua Loca and a whole bunch of of local musical heroes on this thing. So go visit bl-bilder.de and download this funky piece of shit!

If you’re in the mood for more fresh and groovy music, the Südbahnhof in Balingen is the place to be tonight! The Down&Outs do what they gotta do there, it’s gonna be hot in there and after the all-night gig you can maybe join me on my “Drinking against Christmas”-Tour!

In this spirit – have a holy feast, drink maltextrakt og appelsin, talk to Jesus and get well-presented!


Sympathy for the devil Dec 15, 2006

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Yo fellas! Sounds like some of that good ol’ funky music is back in the house right about now! The unfuckingbelievable Down&Outs come out and spread their mind-blowing music to all of you willing listeners! So check out these rather fascinating dates:

Tomorrow, Saturday, December 16th, at Café Haag, Tübingen – 2100

The day after tomorrow, Sunday, December 17th at Café Schiller, Albstadt – 2000

And, to complete the feast, on the day before Christmas Eve, Saturday, December 23rd, at Südbahnhof Balingen – 2000

Come numerous, as we, the band, will also bring presents for you, dear spectator! Our drummer will perform as Santa, and our percussionist will be his little helper. Like in real life.

So, you seekers for the groove in your life, join the D&O-Christmas World Tour 2006!

(as usual, the heading has nothing to do with the content of this post. However, I AM well aware of the fact that this very heading would have suited much better for my homies Sunn O))). I don’t care. Even more, I wanted it to be this way. I like contradictions, you know.)

A Rabbit’s Tale And A Capitalist Tragedy Dec 12, 2006

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Imagine yourself strolling across a Christmas Market. Candy, Candels and dim light giving you the comfort of inner inspection and a good impression of gemütlichkeit. “How zeitgeisty”, you might say, annoyed by the consuming notions of THE celebration of Christianity. Yeah – it is Christmas again – how tender – how fine. Get yourself a present and a tree and be happy.

“Not with me” – No wonder the Easter Bunny is angry and annoyed. Someone wants to steal his fame and he hijacked a hut at the traditional Christmas Market in Munich…..strange times we are living in. The market is predominant – and don’t tell me you believe in Santa Claus.

And guess what. The Rabbit blackmails the huts’ proprietor: 30 000 gallons of mulled wine and gingerbread. Yeah. You see – Easter – Christmas – all the same. Basically.

 Easter Bunny is angry and annoyed

Blood Swamp Dec 4, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Zorc Wotan.

Yeeha, herraheri.de is back in business!

And heeere comes the veritable celebration music: Sunn o))), the chiefs of a really special music genre called Drone Doom. It’s literally fucking amazing. If you are in the mood to really chew you out – that’s the right music to hear. Listen to the complex sound structures of Sunn O))), beautifully accompanied by the nagging of the satanious frontman (haw haw haw). Apropos – he recorded his “lyrics” in a locked coffin. Sounds splendid, doesn’t it?

To become a little idea of what Sunn O))) is like, take a look at this fancy video:

de la malalaladie, ou quoi?

I can’t believe they are live as perfect as on their recordings!

There a quite a few more pearls by Sunn O))) on Youtube:


(Somehow the sequel of the one shown above, but at the same time something absolutely different!)


(The unholy climax of the two ones before – HIGHLY recommended!)


(This one gives you an excellent idea of the musical variety of Sunn O))))


(Another classic by Sunn O)))! Enjoy!)