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Easter Is so Special Squirrels Write Poetry mars 24, 2008

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My dear friends, first of all je vous souhaite a very pleasent, nice and colour-loving Easter celebration. It is Easter – yes. Easter with snow as it is quite cold and snowy in the country I live in. Whatever. I am not writing this post to bore you, but to share the magic of Easter: Coloured eggs hidden in the garden, young rabbits jumping around and a brewery near my place shows this special play called Hamlet.

It was that synesthetic mixture of easterly impression that made me write this little but I hope utterly squirrelicious poem. Watch it:

March is the cruellest month, breeding
snow-like-colours in egg shape
out of the perma-frost-soil

nuts are not growing as it’s almost spring
murmuring of old n dry martinis in the sky
j’ai l’air de joie et j’ai faim
I want to have a chocolate thing hidden in purple satin

M.L’éléphant says the poem is crap – it completely lacked poetry, he says. But he is an Elephant – what does he know about the poetics of Squirrels. Heh!