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Red Wool & A Warm Welcome Jan 11, 2009

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, M. L'éléphant.
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It happens to everybody. Even the great Odysseus (some of you maybe remember his famous quest through the labyrinth (unnecessary to mention his fight with the evil and notorious Cyclop here)): Sometimes it is hard to maintain grip on live, to stay warm and nice with yourself having chats in front of the chimney with a nice Earl Grey and the friendly glowing warmth of coal.

No. Even Odysseus did not always welcome himself warmly to accomodate between his eyes. Sometimes (and very likely even often) he was probably also keen on giving himself a good discussion between his lobes (not to speak of the difficult situation concerning his language centres, which would then be obliged to mediate between speaking and understanding respectively).

Thinking of this, it might be good to know , that the labyrinth issue was finally solved by red wool. Something which has really nothing in common with any person but is (and surely was) produced by machines. Red Wool! Red Wool gives orientation in the windy paths of the labyrinth. You can imagine how happy O. was.