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It’s All in The Numbers! desember 3, 2008

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Have you ever wondered why people study mathematics? Undisputedly because it is so easy. Everything is basically connected to numbers. And – to be honest there are not many of them:

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and if you want to be complicated 0.

Just imagine the alphabet in contrary: 24 letters plus additional special letters depending on the language the letters correspond to.

But back to mathematics: Of course there are combinations of numbers but once you got the system (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 you remember) it’s easy. Too easy maybe, that is why the operators come in: Addition, substraction, division and multiplication plus ridiculous things like curves, parables and maybe the geometrical figures (but even here, the magic pi-figure is just a mere combination of the basic numbers, though it never ends which makes it hard to memorize (3,14 and so on and so on).

Combined with logical rules of deduction (yes, yet another level of complexity) and probability (yes yes yes) the system evolves: BUT: It is and always will be based on numbers and their combinations. A Shakespeare sonett should be harder to memorize (more characters) than an simple calculation – take for example the function of bacteria growth in a lake which also uses the „magical“ Eulersche Zahl (which itself is of course a combination of numbers and therefore easy to use). Let’s get it on – math mates!


Nice & Violent Confusion: Doubtlessly nóvember 29, 2008

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Nice to have some champagne. Funny when the bubbles do their lively bubbling in your mouth and stomach, wandering to your brain. Nice. Ce dur, en fait. I want to cry. I want to laugh, I want to destroy something and eat strawberry joghurt afterwards, I want to chill out, I want to break any limit possible, I want to bake a cake with my tears and feed it to some laughing owls in the middle of a black night in Transylvania. I want to grow vampire teeth to suck myself empty and fill my undead life with blood at the same time. I want to dance, I want to hurt, I want a bloody wrist and a rope to salute a circus wandering by – with beautiful bears and lions.

Danger: Bicycle Grabs Atoms desember 29, 2007

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There are dangers in the world, some people don’t even know off. Just recently for example, famous British Scientist Dr. Tyron Tire found out, that riding a bicycle more than four and a half hours a day might turn your bicycle into a human and yourself into a bike.

Becoming a bike by atomic diffusionDr. Tire’s findings are grounded in the new but very complex theory of post-structural atomic diffusion in cognition-relevant environments. According to the theory, the mutation happens if (1) you are riding your bike a certain time t each day and (2) you want to become a bike – that wish may be subconscious. If these two conditions meet, atomic diffusion will take part and molecules of the bike will become part of body structure and vice versa.

However, Dr.S. Eichhorn of the University of Tübingen refuses Tire’s thesis. „Although atomic fusion exists, it would take millions of years of biking until atoms of closed structures exchange.“ But one is for sure: Being a bike is maybe not that bad – except you have a flat tire and King Kong uses you to get an icecream for his jungle princess.