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The Purple List or 50 Inch of Decision mars 2, 2008

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Zorc Wotan.
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Democracy is great.  And because of its mere greatness a lot of people want to take part in it. As it is necessary to have a political stance to take part in the great game of democracy, of course, people take different political viewpoints, discuss, talk, tell stories and form strategic allience for (in a way) similar political perspectives. These alliance are summoned in lists – lists that contain people in strategic alliance which sometimes are called parties by some people.

As democracy is great and it is full of promising honour and power to take part in its game, it is not difficult to imagine that theses lists may become huge. Especially when voters are allowed to vote 80 votes per list. Alors, for example the list for the Munich City Counsil contained more than 500 names on various lists: The purple list did not fit in the cabin, people vote in. Yes. Yes.Yes. It has a width of aprox. 80cm and a height of ca. 50cm: This is voting in its purest form – Amazing.