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Spin a Wheel for Creativity apríl 22, 2008

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Plug in. Imagine yourself in a tiny little room. Not to small – there will be enough space for a few instruments, some people and something to drink. And a drumkit. It might be a little loud if a band played in the room. But for now there will be no band playing. There will be nothing more than reading. Calm reading. Slowly turning the pages following the story of Nabokov’s Lolita or maybe even the adventures of Oedipa Maas in Pynchon’s Crying of Lot 49. Nothing but calm reading. AHHHH.

Plug out. Turn on. How did those people manage to enter the room. Yes! It’s the ill-famed Herra Héri Orchestra, packed with instruments, playing as if they dared to give noise a new definition. But somehow you like it. Vibe. And suddenly, a squirrel comes out of a bottle of vodka and whispers into your ear: Eat a tune, and follow it carefully. Starlight and forrest multiplied by peas with six electrons on their premium gas atoms. Watch for the sun. Care for positron and Gauss with his equations. Never mind the harmony. Silence. You leave the room – enter the wood – a coocoo is blowing his tune. You take out your wallet and shake it. Fortune.


Welcome, Welcome Home! apríl 12, 2008

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I bet it never came to your mind that at home is a little fire burning, heating up beans and meat to warm your stomach while happy birds sing and chant to praise your presence. Yes. Sometimes it is hard to think about better times. Hours lacking the stitching pain, the sour depression, the bitter-sweetness of melancholy tears and desperate nostalgia. – Would it be, won’t it be, it’s getting worse, no remorse, please. Solitude, my friend, is a faithful friend.

Fish, by the way, are not capable of feeling something like melancholy. But as they cannot blink, they will be hardly able to ackknowledge something with an ironic augenzwinkern, to express something comparable to vitality, something Fallstaffian.

Whatever, back to happy birds singing the praise of home: Home sweet home. Welcome says the fire burning and cracking wood, welcome home my friend. My burning heart is passionately happy to see you here. Want some beans? You see…

The Magic of Deers equals 3.14 mars 15, 2008

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Undisputed. It is not the mere shape of a deer’s head as some might write in lengthy articles in scientific magazins. No. Not just the mere shape of the head but something more profound. A deep, numeric glow in the spirit, in the very soul of the proud animal.

If you take a closer look it is quite easy to recognise. As it were, Matthieu le Cage has discovered this natural phenomon and wrote some scientific articles about it as well as a – more or less – scientific book.

The only question, and this may be the main reason for me to post here, remains open: Why do deers (and also their hunters) fail to account for the irrational character of Pi? The open-mindedness and eternity of circular structure? Because life ends? Because flesh is eaten? Or is it just a pragmatic decision of Ms. Le Cage – because his writing may become unreadable if inifite? I don’t know. Elephant

Sci-Fi Fusion – Shakespeare’s opinion most important febrúar 9, 2008

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Just imagine. What would a fusion of Russia and the United States in the 1960s look like? Communism and Fordism, Dry Martinis and 100g glasses of crystal clear wodka next to russian fur hats and cheesburgers. Maybe it would also look like a novel by a Russian who lived in America.

Or think of Germany in the 1980s mixed up with Brasilian carnival: Masks, party accompanied by the depressed sound of emerging techno and cruel hairstyles. Maybe Andreas Bader would have turned out to be a real turntabelist. Maybe Gudrun Ensslin also would have liked to spin the wheels of steel. Perhaps beneath a feather-boaed 80s style dressed Brasilian football pro called Pele.

In terms of music think of Mozart using the rap-skills of Jay Z. What a vibe. Very likely the Salzburg ballrooms wouldn’t look the same: nice debutant-dancers dressed up like Beyoncé….how would Shakespeare comment on this scene?

Wild, Savage & Violent janúar 20, 2008

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It is time to think a bit on the wild west. Did it exist in the way „Dances with Wolves“ presents it to us. What about Bret Harte’s short stories founding – among others – the myth of the west. Remember that Edgar Allan Poe’s wildly inspired short stories have already been published at that time.

Gunslinger, bankrobber: The west – myth or not – what you might ask has it to do with Herra Héri. Well: Basically nothing. Undoubtetely there is absolutely no connection. However, maybe there is one – but it is still hidden. Hidden by Baudelaire’s Fleurs de Mal (by the way Baudelaire translated Poe) or Rimbeauds colourful vocals. Who knows.

But until that, the west remains undisputed. Ye.

Elephants and Tigers janúar 13, 2008

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Elephants and Tigers are two animals that share two very distinct features:

(1) Neither Elephants nor Tigers live in the Arctic or any cold area comparable to the Arctic.
(2) Neither Elephants nor Tigers eat wood or are in any way vitaly connected to wood.

So it have not been Elephants and Tigers that nearly caused a tree to crash on one of Munich’s main roads by hungrily nagging the stem.

Concluding from (1) and (2) it is very likely that the starving animals were beavers. Yes. Little, nice, furry beavers. Fortunately, they found the tree to get their teeth shortened and their tiny beaver-stomachs filled.

Hard to imagine, the traffic and wood chaos if Elephants and Tiger were non(2)…Incroyable.

P.S.: Happy New Year, Everybody! HA!

The Healing Power of Beavers nóvember 4, 2007

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Yes, my dear friends. It is as I always thought. But now I have the ultimate proof. Long enough the world laughed at me and my theory that there is a special power in beavers that heals the human body and its soul from strange hauntings.

In deed – my mind can come to rest as I discovered the notorious beaver pharmacy in the Austrian town of Salzburg. The legend says that the fame of the pharmacy is based on the ill-famed Bibergeil – a kind of secret distilled from beavers which is said to have most healing powers.

Of course, I bought some beaver-stuff myself accompanied by some most delicious Austrian sweets (whose name is somehow bound to a famous composer of classical music). Oh – they taste so delicous.

Witness yourself – the beaver pharmacy. Please note the finebeaver painting in between the galeries. Beautiful. Beaver Pharmacy

C’est L’Orage júní 15, 2007

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Yes, Yes, Yes. And still the women are talking of arts and styles, Michelangelo and some new fashion stuff. It is a nice humming in the room, the voices talking so deliberately. But yeah, c’est l’orage enfin and nobody is able to change it.

Recently Piet Rosengruen said that when he returns from his small trip to Butan he will talk about the crucial role of clouds and electromagnetic energy. While we are waiting for him we try to configure our mobile phones in a special way that enables us to detect ghost, ghouls and other scary creatures by means of mobile phone radiation.

Maybe, it well may be that a glimpse of hope is still persistent. Maybe. We will see.euskal_herria_4.gif

Deep, So Deep apríl 10, 2007

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Again. I feel haunted. Again. Altough the day started so bright, the sun and the flowers in my garden gave me an enlighted feeling, yes, I felt some of the joy of living I know I was able to feel in my heart just a few years ago. I blinked, I enjoyed the impression of the little yellow, red and blue flowers, the sky and the little bugs scuttling over my bare feet, flying occassionally, digging, living.

But by now I am sure it was merely an illusion. It is dark, my friend, so dark I can hardly stand it. Yes, it is true that I tried to reach my old friend Piet Rosengrün in order to ask him if he walled me in – together with a bottle of wine and my most beloved jewelery. Yes my jewelery. The rubins, diamonds and smaragds. I love it to dip them into wine and taste their eternal colour. How spicy, how lovely, how exclusively tasty they are. I like my Ivory Coast diamonds dipped in a Bordeaux 1893. Oh. Mh. Yeah. I love the taste of smaragds with a lovely Soave – Italian dolce vita and eternity. Fugacity can taste so eternal. Yeah. Fugacity. Yes. But unfortunately Piet refused. Someone sold him to Asia. Cannot imagine who.

„Fugacity can taste so eternal“

So I have to continue suffering. Though I know the reason. Anxiety and fear are gnawing the last bits of my soul. Blackness is all that is left behind by the nagging mice of despair and death. Yes, it it is time. I should decend to the caves. Open my last bottle. Have the last symphony of stone and liquid. It is just. I feel. So tired.

Meditation in Circles – And A Ball! febrúar 13, 2007

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I woke up. Slowly I rubbed my eyes. Hopefully no inflamed conjunctiva. Yeah. Fortunately not! I open my eyes. Tenderly. I remember the night: Birds screaming, apples growing on purple trees and a dwarf in a red costume offering me French cheese et le baguette avec du vin. Yes, Yes, Yes. Quite nice – actually – my dream.

Suddenly, I shudder. A roaring appears from my deepest unconscious. Leather-made, round, playful, violent, beautiful and philosophic. Football – le foot – as vine-sipping Jaquie would have put it.

Soon, the sudden shudder turns into pure joy. For days I couldn’t let go the most beautiful and traditional football hymn. Stadions ear candy – le perce-oreille du foot – as Jaquie would have put it between deux baguettes et un verre du vin. Oui – Le rouge.

For days I have been humming the tune. Ole Ole Ola. Originating from Argentina it blasted its way to Europe – blooming in full strength between wannebe-epiphany, euphoria and medititation. Meditation – between thousands of people, hypnotised by a ball – it is possible to empty yourself between other empty selves. Emptyness in meditation. What a relief. A new start.

Ole, Ole – victory is near – get ready to celebrate. Ola – have you seen the playfulness and beauty of the teams. No enemy (despite the fact that no enemy is mentioned in the song makes its existence on the green even more visible). Yeah. What a Tune.

After it entered my dreams – I looked for it on the internet to transform football-inspiration into net-visions. 2.0. Watch out!