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Serious Fun – First Impressions ágúst 17, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Iceland, M. L'éléphant.
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The miracles of modern technology make it possible: First impressions of the herratious and herilicious Iceland Tour of MM aka Mad Martin and Yo aka Yo!Yay! just hit the herraheri.de server and make fire and ice unite.

Fire and ice

A relaxed evening at the glacier lagoon Jökulsarlon. Note how the colour of the hand, the tone and bubbles of the beer interact with the cool freshness of the ice floating on the lagoon’s water.

And that is not quite it, another sensual sensation is still to come. A video of a naturious Icelandic Sunset can be downloaded here.

Download your private Jökursalon sunset here – Herilious Romance in the glacier lagoon

Swimming in Rey spalte.jpg

And some other pictures: A piscine in Reykjavik and a photographic impression of the dessert close to the famous Laki Rift.

So long, more updates to come!


Looking for something júlí 28, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Iceland.
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Hey folks!

The big day has come: In less than 24 hours we will be chilling out in Reykjavík, with 6 weeks of adventures, fun, hardcore-camping, extreme-bus-riding and herra héri-propaganda waiting for us. Without words.

Herra Héri - Iceland 2006

Although we will be fighting our ways through the deepest Icelandic wilderness, we want to share this climax of Herra Héri’s efforts with everybody who cares. Therefore, I will try to establish a connection to the Herra Héri-representatives in Germany from time to time. When everything works out, you will be able to find out where we’re currently at and what’s going on in Iceland. So keep on coming by to www.herraheri.de to get the newest herra news!

When we will be back from our tour, you will find everything concerning this monumental trip in the spirit of herra héri at this place, of course! Look forward to some mighty stuff, man!

Just one more thing: If you are one of the expected thousands of Icelandic or other foreign guests that will be getting to this site in the forthcoming weeks, go for this site for some possible points of interest.

Alright then. 20 kilos in the back, squirrels in our hair – let’s do this!

For Herra Héri!

There’s a whale, there’s a whale, there’s a whalefish maí 8, 2006

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Did you enjoy your sunny weekend? Well, I certainly did, thank you. I even got a sunburn because the screen of my pc did shine so glisteningly bright. Well, all these contaminated mushrooms HAD to be recycled somehow on the occasion of 20 years Tschernobyl – it's good to know that it happened in such an ecological, reasonable and safe way: displays. Brave new world!

Just a short sea level announcement (as nothing interesting has happened): approximately (I am stupid) 82 days till "Trapped in clanking chilliness – II" (a.k.a departure to Iceland)! Arrrrr!

Before I continue eating chocolate until the break of dawn, let me announce that a person who wants to stay incognito (B.N.) is just about to start her slave-engagement for Herra Héri as a correspondent in good auld rainy Dublin. Let her name be The Guinness; feel free to see this as a description of her main activity. The Guinness is going to write some wicked stuff from that red-hair-planet in the Atlantic Ocean called Ireland from time to time, and as soon as the Ryanair-special-flight (at first, we thought that birds carrying the script would be a great solution, but we changed our minds after three pidgeons drowned in the English Channel) has dropped the words into my E-mail account, it will appear on this very site, www.herraheri.de (yeah, linkin myself!), for your delight. Watch out!

So, good night, young warriors!


Captain Timothy Leary

Icelandic Penny-Pinchers, pay attention! apríl 22, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Iceland.
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In the past weeks, the Icelandic Kronur (ISK) and Icelandic stock prices crashed down. I'd like to say some profound things about the reasons for that, but in fact, this motherfucking stocket market is a closed book to me. So, you can instead look at these interesting websites which deal with this issue:

The last link is particularly interesting. After 2 hours of looking at the fine painting and some serious investigation, I combined that this chart is kind of showing the amount of ISK you get for one Euro….BAM! ZORK! CRASH!

As you can imagine, I immediately went to my local bank to change a huge amount of Euros into ISK. They laughed at me. They didn't have ISK in stock!—IN STOCK! DAMNIT!

I started crying.

Most likely, there were some cormorant millionaires who wanted to get millions of ISK and bought everything the bank had! Bastards! They will pay for it! I am going to steal more ISK than they will ever be able to buy!!

So: if you want to change Euros into ISK, make sure there are no millionaires around you who can ruin your deal! You can identify them by a monocle and a cylinder. In many cases, they can be seen lighting their cigars with bank notes. The only way to kill them is the good old staking.

Staking action

Want to know more about Carcinus maenas, Cyclopterus lumpus, Ragnheiður Jónsdóttir, Jón Sigurðsson and his other bank-note-friends? Visit this site and enjoy the good information.

So much for that. Must go carving wood.

Iceland, we’re coming! apríl 7, 2006

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Whatup fellows,

feitur skítur!

Just a few minutes ago, the first and decisive move for our Iceland-journey this summer has been made. The procedure of hacking numbers and letters in the keyboard, klicking around, paying and printing was really uplifting. Now, the path is presaged:

From July 29th till September 8th, we (that is me and Yannick Berndsson) will be fighting our way through the deadly deserts of the highlands (including sandstorms, elves and quicksand); struggling with furious glaciers with about 0°K temperature, sneaky winds and some nice volcanoes below it to warm up the scenery a little from time to time; oh yeah, and we will be bothering the Icelandic people with our pushing herra héri shit.

there you are

In fact, I believe that hitch-hiking will be perfect with some herra héri-shirts on us. Or what would you do if a fucked-up, sad person stood by the side of the street…wearing a T-Shirt saying "Herr Hase"?! Well, yeah, of course you would pick him up and take him wherever he wants!

Whatever, it will be monumental, man. 42 Days of surviving: chilling: hiking: sleeping: eating (some really weird stuff: ram testicles…hmmmm *drool*): looking at the midnight sun: hot-potting: sauna-ing: talking to vikings: wandering through Icelands pulsing capital Reykjavík: spending really much money for evereything: taking pictures: writing: We will be conscientiously keeping diary and then enrich this homepage with our experiences (true and hallucinated)…it will be as monumental as the journey itself. Rejoice!

T -112 Days, 22 hours and 38 minutes. I can feel it. It won't be long now. harrumph.

So, can't go on writing. Must rub myself with ice cubes.. for the true Iceland feeling.

Góða nótt!