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Why Raining Is Not Laughing Dec 21, 2008

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First of all: Obviously raining and laughing respectively not laughing are two things that are not necessarily connected. Sometimes even raining is the cause for tremendous outbursts of laughter, for example if it rains heavily and people just did their traditional rain dance before. What a joy that has to be can hardly be imagined by someone who never did rain dancing before (yes – I have to admit – this includes me).

However, it is also a fact that raining (drops of water crashing down on the ground) and laughing are two different things. In this respect the thesis claiming the above (namely that raining is not equal to laughing) holds – even though in quite superficial semantic way.

In other respects, I hereby mean something in a more contextual sense, raining may be a perfect symbol for not laughing. I mean: Imagine relaxing but feeling somehow unable to laugh (yes, these things happen) it may be a good thing if it rains outside. Consequently: Raining is not laughing. But: This conclusion raises another point for further discussion: Would consequently be sunshine laughing? And: How moody is the whether? What does mood do to the climate and: What does every individuals weather look like? Hm.

On and on Nov 12, 2008

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Yes, dear friends!

Cold, grey, boring: this is autumn.  But in every dark hour there’s a small but strong light that’s digging its way up to the surface. Just like [braingnash] a good sip of whiskey spreading out in an undercooled, starving body. In the case of this autumn, this paradoxically means the anticipation of winter. To cut a long, disturbing story short:

Tübingen’s own, world famous HipHop band Lingua Loca is on tour from December 26th to January 10th, 2009! They will be kickin it madly in a whole bunch of places and teach you what headbanging means in its best sense. Check it out:

Burn, motherfucker, burn.

Don’t miss out this crazy hell of a party – even Hamlet would go there and forget his existential sorrows for a while by nodding his head just for the sake of living.

So, tell your friends and be there!

Why Shoes talk, oh just so suddenly Oct 28, 2008

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Just one word ahead for this web-feeling-detection machine to bring some confusion to its surely-finely-adjusted mechanical emotion detection system [coughs] Well [some paper is touched] [coughs], I [pause] feel today like I just talked to my shoe the whole night and day long [pause] well [sigh] you might consider that weird [desperate silence] but if you just had a night of plain shoe complaint you possibly would think different about that [pause] [small cough] weirdness.

Of course, from time to time I [emotion robot: follow] I FEEL (!!!) that a shoe life might be not one of the finest experiences. Getting worn out and yes [subtle silence] [gulp] then you fade away.

Well, yes. The mountains are high and valleys are deep. Shoes have to be tied. Il le faut, as some French people would have put it. However, I prefer to take the plums after my shoe-ish conversation. They are so fresh and so delicious. Even in April. I feel it.

Don’t eat that quark! Sep 10, 2008

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What would you do if you knew that the four horsemen of the Apocalypse will come down with their sabers and their flamethrowers and their black holes to bring terminal fate to our world? In the next three months? Well, in fact you can do pretty cool things: The first thing that came to my mind was getting some bricks, go into town and have maybe a new TV or fancy clothes. Who would care? You could also pack your stuff (plus enough Red Bull) and start walking to wherever it takes you. Maybe you manage to play with some wisents in the Cech Republic when the black hole comes to eat us. Do drugs. Build a spacecraft. Pray. Just fuck around. Write an e-mail to Barack Obama to stop this whole mess. Watch football. Get a wife or two. Try to learn the language of the universe and change the code of the earth in negating a thing like “end of the world”. Read Heidegger. Take EPO. Burn books. Destroy all internet floppys. Wath the river flowing. Reach Nirvana and hope for the best. Or maybe just get your batteries loaded to take a spectacular video of the end.

Well, watch this and prepare for your revenge tour: Satan has a name: Cern

To put it in the words of the great Jon Bon Jovi: Have a nice day!

Secret Dream of Deduction Aug 10, 2008

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Just yesterday I happened to read an interview in some magazine whose name I cannot remember. In fact, the person interviewed, some cognitivistic linguistic claimed that he painted the brain in many colours. Colours for joy, love, happiness, drunkeness etc. etc.

Well, a colourful brain is not very stunning. In deed a small image query on any search engine on the web will find you a coloured brain. Surprisingly enough, the linguistic also told the journalist that deduction as we know it from detective fiction is a way of structural influence of the brain to the real world, meaning that the strict logical form of deduction shapes the world by its terms.

Consequently, Sherlock Holmes is creating criminals and criminal cases by his strict use of his deductive faculty. And Watson? Maybe his role is somehow the deductive trigger or a quite paradox paranoid projection of a facette of Sherlocks identy. Who knows. Undoubted.

2000 Metres of Rock and Pain Jun 30, 2008

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2000 Metres, up in rock
un petit pie
A small road winding up to mental desaster
to smash thoughts with pain

working like a machine up to the montain crown
carved alps in feet and sweat
centimeter per centimetre, up up

Don’t think, just be, glowing sun in the neck
breathing hot air
just steps, tok tok tok tok
Smile in the sun

Bend it in Cactus-Forrest Jun 11, 2008

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Yellow. Red. Colours that occur quite often in cactus valley close to the most western point of the European Continent. You name it: Cabo da Roca. Most people still are not aware of the large and yet green cactus forrest close to rocks and ocean.

And yet – particularly people liking football should spend some minutes to reflect on the forrest of cactus plants. Just imagine: Figo and Zidane playing a little match in this environment: Let’s suppose they don’t play foul, so their bodies will be unaffected by stitchy cactus-plants. But most important, the ball is lost as soon as it hits one of the green air-releasing plants.

Yes. They are nice and green but also mean and not very fond of football. Think of this the next time goalkeepers complain about the properties of a ball. It could be worse and balls have a soul.

Riverside in Dark Orange May 18, 2008

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Yes, Yes, Yes,
it’s summer in orange
nothing but l’orage dans le ciel

tell me about it, to roam
about stations, ports and beers
to find something beyond mere coleur des voilles

down cutted, uprisen, dream
so away, where sand is becoming
brain, finger and colour of delicious
ways. Wandering down the riverside.

Word up! May 6, 2008

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Ye ye!

Nevermind Rain Drops in Colour Apr 26, 2008

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Yes. I considered it.
considered it, to be good, to be full of sparkling
thought of glowing ice during the day
and singing happy tunes at night.

Yes. Whatever it ist.
Anywhere. I dared to think of it as miracle
friendly and exciting but never to hurtful
shanty at clouds pouring concrete

Nevermind rain drops in colour.
Yes. But care for the changes they imply.
Run for inspiration that is not only covered
by mere sonnets and skilful pentameters

Yes. Coffee is steaming, while green is dampling in it
the window is open
singing sweeps away the murmuring rain.
What remains is colour.