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Sleep on tide ágúst 18, 2009

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Iceland.
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Yes, hello my friends!

It’s summer in Germany, but in Iceland, the leaves of the „trees“ are turning brown. The nights get longer. The rain pours down in a snowy way. Soon, the first ice bears will come back on some icebergs, returning from their summer sleep in Greenland. The sharks stop fermenting. The schnapps gets harder. Coffee stronger. Kronur weaker. World Trade Center boom.

Well, all in all, summer is most probably over in Iceland. Perfect moment for me to head to Reykjavík to get the best out of the Icelandic wintertime! At the University, okay, but who cares, rock n roll, botninn up! If you care about my progress in studying geology or my adventures in grài katurinn, this is the right place to check by from time to time! I will write, oh yes.