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It’s All in The Numbers! desember 3, 2008

Posted by herraheri in M. L'éléphant.
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Have you ever wondered why people study mathematics? Undisputedly because it is so easy. Everything is basically connected to numbers. And – to be honest there are not many of them:

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and if you want to be complicated 0.

Just imagine the alphabet in contrary: 24 letters plus additional special letters depending on the language the letters correspond to.

But back to mathematics: Of course there are combinations of numbers but once you got the system (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 you remember) it’s easy. Too easy maybe, that is why the operators come in: Addition, substraction, division and multiplication plus ridiculous things like curves, parables and maybe the geometrical figures (but even here, the magic pi-figure is just a mere combination of the basic numbers, though it never ends which makes it hard to memorize (3,14 and so on and so on).

Combined with logical rules of deduction (yes, yet another level of complexity) and probability (yes yes yes) the system evolves: BUT: It is and always will be based on numbers and their combinations. A Shakespeare sonett should be harder to memorize (more characters) than an simple calculation – take for example the function of bacteria growth in a lake which also uses the „magical“ Eulersche Zahl (which itself is of course a combination of numbers and therefore easy to use). Let’s get it on – math mates!



1. 1313 - desember 3, 2008

Yeah, that number shit is one unpredictable thing, man. I like to just create numbers and then think of their possible meaning. And with pi or the other infinite guys the fun never ends! (Except maybe with a borer).

So what do you thin about that one, i just made it up:


Well, that’s one beautiful number, isn’t it? So much to think about!

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