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γειά σου, malaka! apríl 22, 2008

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Sentimental journeys.

Yes, rain sucks. Is life sucking as much as rain? The answer is no. Plenty of great stuff is happening in the moment: Drinking raki with Greek people who don’t understand a word at half ten in the morning; having baths in the chilly Mediterrean Sea; paying seven freaking euros for 0,5 litres of wack Heineken beer in a pub in Athens; stopping to sleep; tagging loads of fresh stones with herra héri-lines; playing theatre and getting drunk at the same time (people were actually paying money to see these memorable scenes)… And yes, believe it or not: The ridiculously genious Herra Héri Orchestra had a promising rehearsal last weekend. Chia! Who knows, if the transcendent beavergod Eyvindur is sympathetic with our enterprise, the world will see a joint of generations, an event that will blast everything that has ever been into crying pieces: a HHO-Gig. Four tracks, well that sounds like 12 minutes you will never forget.

Speaking of four tracks: Despite the fact that our new wicked tune Reality? Where did you get that from? is actually not yet perfectly finished, I think today’s a good day to share this pearl with you. So, take the risk and dip into the marvellous world of herra madness:

Reality? Where did you get that from?!

Well, I will let you go into the gleaming night with some nice herra impressions.




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