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Bloodshot! apríl 13, 2007

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Sentimental journeys.

Yeah folks – herra héri starts really big business: We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring Tübingen’s (ah well, let’s speak the truth: the world’s) finest Hip Hop Crew Lingua Loca with some exquisit trousers. It will definitely burn the spectator’s eyes! Another step towards the eternal immortality of the herra héri thought!

Herra Lingua
Last night, Lingua Loca played at the Play Live Contest in Mannheim. And with the help of their genuine Herra Héri Pant, they made the 2nd place. Yeah!

Visit Lingua Loca’s official webiste as well as LL’s Myspace Site and get flashed!

Well, and as there are so many more great events taking place in the future days, let me recommend a few of them:

-4/27/2007: The formidable funky hound cats of the Down&Outs are rocking the Bar in Balingen

-4/28/2007: Again the Down&Outs, this time a little chill out at the Fecker Pub in good old Hechingen

-4/30/2007: Well, yeah, it’s getting boring, but this will be a hell of a gig: The Jazz in Town Festival in Rottweil featuring the exhausted but highly motivated Down&Outs.

Be there! (and check out www.down-and-outs.de for more information)

So, that’s that for the next time pretty much; there are more things to come up in June and so on.

Also, let me lighten up your day with some really nice pics from Cologne and Amsterdam, the chillout-town with the odd Russian flair. Up there, the world is still a nice place: The houses ought not be bolt upright, and the red light district is a really cosy, fine district with nice people all around. At least until you start taking photos.

Cologne at sundown Cologne at Sundown

De Wallen The red light district of Amsterdam – now officially herra-pimped!

Yeah, Dutch architecture Yeah, right, fuck 90°!

The legendary grasshopper-tent, which beared all the Icelandic tortures with us, also was reanimated in the – let’s say- nice surroundings of the camping site in Amsterdam. It felt good, really.

Tent reloaded!

For more revelations from the Moscow of the West, check out bl-bilder.de!



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