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Fuck me I’m Irish mars 27, 2007

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Sentimental journeys, The Guinness.

Hey lads!

Everyone likes Ireland, especially on St.Patrick’s day. But not everyone is crazy enough to go straight to Dublin to get drunk on this fine day. Well, The Guinness and Mad Martin definately are this mad.

On Thursday, March 15th, we headed for Dublin for 5 days full of madness, jocoseness and Guinness. And this is pretty much how our arrival passed:

But as we anticipated this scenario, we were cool with it – and of course, we too were looking forward to having some fancy pints in some fancy bars. We had diverse drinking compagnons, for example our host Ken, a 83-year old true Irish lad who was crazy about music, didn’t care about this whole „don’t drink and drive“-rubbish and had a stinking dog. And oh, you remember that fucked-up American-suburb-town Greystones I’ve been writing about last year? Yeah, that’s where we lived this time.

home sweet home

Home sweet home.

(Ok, in fact, it was not that bad. The pub was quite alright, indeed.)

Of course, among other cool stuff like trying to watch Europe’s biggest (not happening) fireworks in 2007, we HAD to do the adorable cliff walk once again.

Ginsterrockangercliffwalk 1

Also, we had a reunion with the friendly cliff on Bray head, where last year’s unforgettable video/photo-shooting took place. Take a look:


Sounds like a nice chillout-trip? Well, I can tell you, we definately had our share in the latest binge-drinking issue.


And St.Patrick’s day wasn’t that easy, neither. Slightly too many people, a little too much carnival, quite too hard to get drunk.


As you can see on the last picture, there were some pals from good old Mordor visiting Dublin, too. What a pleasure!

So much for the little dia show of our trip – check out www.bl-bilder.de for more stuff about St.Patricks day, and why don’t you have a closer look at last year’s more detailed travelogue while nipping your pint of Guinness?

In this spirit,




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