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Diary from the Eye of the Kyrill janúar 19, 2007

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, M. L'éléphant.
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Herra Héri intellegence was able to intercept the following discussion in the dead of night and the eye of the fear-awakening strom Kyrill.  But read yourself:

20:15 MET Franz to Lothar: „We are all going to die in this stormy night!“

20:29: MET Lothar to Franz: „Lol. I am rehearsing in Boll. Fuck. We just have food for three days. Anyway. It was a good life. Take care, dear Franz.“

20:33: MET: Franz to Lothar: „My city has been completely crumbled by the storm. With lots of luck I have been able to survive. I don’t know how long I can take the deadly blows. I…I am weak…the storm is so violent. A tree did already fall in the Netherlands. It was beautiful, my life. Have fun rehearsing. I hope the best for you!

20:47: Lothar to Franz: “ Damn. I don’t know what is worse – to be killed by parts of houses flying around or to get an inflamed conjuctiva. If you are able to survive, take care of the zombies. They are leaving their holes. Meanwhile we draw lots: It is decided – we will eat our friend V. if we run out of food. See you in a better life. Yours Lothar.

After that the connection was lost!