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Flirtatious Walls Jan 10, 2007

Posted by herraheri in M. L'éléphant.

I am not frightenend very often, but now, as I know of the existence of the silent wall-women I feel flabbergasted and – yeah – my teeth are a bit chattering.

Just a few weeks ago I heard a dull, grateling sound inside my living room walls. Just some days later I noticed the same unsettling sound in the murr of the staircase of my house. Of course I called the landlords (who refused to believe me) and the other tenants (who laughed hard at me). At the end of the day, I knew, I had to deal with the fear-inspiring sounds on my own.

For a few days I tried to ignore the sound, but it deprived me of sleep, made my mind completely sullen and my feelings got more and more aggressive and dark. Yes, I turned into a completely different character. Once I noticed my altered personality I heard a giggle from inside the wall. Unbelievable, “it” was laughing at me, at my pain, my wanning character.

I freaked out and kicked the wall, spit on it and even tore off some of the wallpaper (I guess I went as mad as the protagonist in Poe’s “The Tell Tale Heart”, just without murder). But the smirking laughs did not stop – the even seemd to grow more intense. Screaming, I ran on the street and did not return to the flat until two nights later when the temperature fell below -15 degrees. I had to sleep somewhere.

In that very night I did not hear any sound. Strange. But then, the following morning I discovered a laughing face froze in the wall of the house. The face of a flirtatiously giggling woman. Somehow, she must have gotten in the wall and terrorised me – perhaps I mistook her advances for spooky terror. But I did not feel sorry. I bought some hair spray and fixed her forever in the wall. Bye Bye.

P.S.: Of course I took a picture of her. Tantalising!

The woman in the wall


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