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Blood Swamp desember 4, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Zorc Wotan.

Yeeha, herraheri.de is back in business!

And heeere comes the veritable celebration music: Sunn o))), the chiefs of a really special music genre called Drone Doom. It’s literally fucking amazing. If you are in the mood to really chew you out – that’s the right music to hear. Listen to the complex sound structures of Sunn O))), beautifully accompanied by the nagging of the satanious frontman (haw haw haw). Apropos – he recorded his „lyrics“ in a locked coffin. Sounds splendid, doesn’t it?

To become a little idea of what Sunn O))) is like, take a look at this fancy video:

de la malalaladie, ou quoi?

I can’t believe they are live as perfect as on their recordings!

There a quite a few more pearls by Sunn O))) on Youtube:


(Somehow the sequel of the one shown above, but at the same time something absolutely different!)


(The unholy climax of the two ones before – HIGHLY recommended!)


(This one gives you an excellent idea of the musical variety of Sunn O))))


(Another classic by Sunn O)))! Enjoy!)



1. a to the i - desember 4, 2006

surely….i have never listened to anything comparable before….nuts!FH

2. thenut - desember 5, 2006

Amazing which kind of music nowadays springs from the TV Show „Popstars“. Really gutsy Pro7!
The next Bravo comes with an extra razor blade.

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