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The Skógar Depression október 26, 2006

Posted by thenut in Iceland.

Iceland Express Raises The National Income August 3rd and 4th Day 6 (and 7)

Skógar would be really nice if you spent the days before you arrive there with walking and shitting into nature, but if you miss your luggage, don`t have any kind of warm clothes that would probably prevent you from freezing and getting wet, and arriving there by bus, Skógar is pretty damn much related to hell. The depressive, wet and dark kind of hell…with a waterfall anyhow.

If there was no waterfall, Skogar „probably“ wouldn`t even exist.
Even though the hike along the river was nice and that the sleeping bag accommodation was really cheap (in both meanings) , Skógar turned out to be the „mood-goes-below-zero“ point of our trip.
Especially my mood, but I can tell you Mad Martin wasn`t singing and dancing as well.

After a great night on a shabby mattress in a Gym, I called at the Airport, they gave me the number of the Iceland Express Office („No, I can`t help you, call Iceland Express“), I called there, and after waiting 10 minutes in the queue they wanted to send me back to the Airport. So I started to get pissed and told the girl on the phone that she can fuck off and burn in hell if she terminates the phonecall like that.

Surprisingly she couldn`t help me. She only told me that I could have 100$, if I were in Reykjavik. And, yes, the last time we were there it has been possible to get this 100$, but when we were there she lied that this would be only possible after 5 days!
I don`t really know if the people at IE on the phone really work in this office… maybe they only love to chat with pissed of customers and after the phonecall they giggle a lot and bake another cake.

So, after a little bit of walking-useless-through-the-rain-and -getting-really-wet –fun, we finally drove back to Reykjavik, got into the IE Office and punched this phonecall-bitch until she cried like a little girl… well maybe it was more the last whistling of her lounge than crying.

No! Wait! Sadly this only happend in my mind while we paid about 600Euros for new Equipment and clothes.

As a compensation for all this shit that happend to us, all people that we met at this evening in Reykjavik were really nice and understanding for our situation. The guy in the Outdoorshop for example gave us more than 20% discount after I told him about this whole luggage stuff.
„Don`t hate Iceland, hate Iceland Express!“, he called after us when we left the shop to sleep for the first time in Iceland in a tent.



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