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Ford Ahoi! október 20, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Iceland.

Hey hey folks!

Wednesday, August 2nd – Day 5

On Tuesday evening, we had enough of sitting in Reykjavík (doing more or less nothing, except paving our way with a great amount of stickers). We decided to go to Þorsmörk, located about 150 km southeast from Reykjavík. The bus ride was really fucking great. We spent about quarter an hour crossing a huge glacial river. I was pleased as a Punch. From time to time, the bus hit some really deep spots in the river and we seemed to sink right down into hell. Fucking awesome! Driving through a glacial river right in the middle of nowhere – and all this stuff with a public scheduled bus – fancy that!Our rideYEEEEAH!

When we arrived in Þorsmörk, an unbelieveable landscape waited for us. Snow-covered mountains a huge valley, glaciers, andin the background the dark rocks at the doorway to the mystic highlands. Well, and a colony of small houses looking more like a concentration camp than holiday cottages. BUT there was an almost natural hot pot situated in the middle of this almost unspoiled nature – quel plaisir!


The next day, we did our first hike, through elve’s valleys, some cold, cold rivers (oooooh baby!), unconquerable mountains, wild straberry fields and stuff like that. Fresh. The landscape….BAM!!

Mr.FogInto the ford!Caspar David?

Exhausted but well-balanced we came back to our hut – just to see an unbelievably awful travel group (Germans) move in and destroy the hope to survive this night.

„Rrrrosie, brringst mir au meine Sondolen mit!“

It was horrible. They cooked some weird stuff. They babbled complete bullshit. They were talkative and „humorous“. One of them asked us if we were shocked of their appearence. Yes, we were, you old witch! At least we got something to eat. Didn’t make it more bearable. I had to spend I quite long time in the hot pot to chill out a little, a fancy maltextrakt in my trembling hands.

Of course at least every other of this unholy group snored. Chrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.




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