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The ravens on the lead október 6, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Iceland.


Sunday, July 30th – Day 2

If you want to allure a great bunch of Icelanders to one place, you need to offer something really special. For Icelanders, this could be cheap booze, large trees, huge amounts of coffee AND, the most important thing – something for free. These must have been the considerations of Sigur Rós, the best-known Icelandic band in these times, when they announced several concerts all around their home-country, all of them gratuit. The first of them should take place in Reykjavík on this very day. Lucky us. We heard that Sigur Rós wanted to shoot some dvd-material at the concert. That made sense in several ways: Firstly, they could be sure that a passable crowd would gather in the heart of Reykjavík nearby the Art Museum (considering that the concert was for free). Furthermore: There is no other explanation for two huge box-towers (held be cranes on both sides of the stage) and a video-crane than taking some serious footage. And last but not least: A helicopter. Sick.

The crane
As expected, many people centered on the meadow in front of the stage. However, they didn’t seem to prepare for a veritable concert but rather for some cosy little family parties – including dog, bicycle and baby. I think I saw some funny balloons, too. The hardcore-fan-community assembled right in front of the stage, the rest of the area was a nice folk festival.

F CK – All I need is U

The support act Amiina delivered the perfect múm-ish music for this ambiente. The first minutes of their music I thought the elves had finally started talking to me, then I stood up and realized that it was just these four girls making music. Nice.

The crowd
Our plans to get rich by spontaneously opening a beer booth where interrupted by the accurat start of the Sigur Rós – gig. The people in the area nearest to the stage stood up – not more, not less.

Sigur Rós 1

It was a good concert. The weather was nice. No dog did bite me. The frontman played his guitar with a violin bow and launched out some really high sounds. He looked a little autistic, in fact. A beamer created sick images on the large screen behind the band. The Amiina-girls played their string instruments in the background. A small brass band had some appearances. They played exactly two hours. Two good hours. Concert ambiente in the foreground; the majority of the crowd amusing themselves lying around on the meadow, creating their own parallel-festival.

Sigur Rós 2
When the concert was over, the area emptied within thirty seconds. Sick. Good night, y’all. We were somewhat cheerful about the evening and sprang around the grass and stuff. Alarming? No. Not yet. Iceland just wasn’t ready for us crazy European party animals.



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