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Up:u.p. september 29, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Iceland.

Well, although I have already started the Iceland coverage with the last post, I am pretty confident that it is not too late for the exclusice, brain-washing Trailer of the Iceland 2006 Journey. It is crank. If you know what’s good for you, you better watch it!

Additionally, I created this hot Synesthesia-button to click on in the beautiful sidebar. The fact that Ball Point Pen’s homepage (where this musical piece of art is sleeping the whole day) does not seem to be working in the moment, doesn’t depress me too much. Just click on the button from time to time. I’m pretty confident the BPP-homepage will soon work again (will it, Andy?!) and you can download the song as often as you want to! Enjoy!



1. a to the i - september 29, 2006

Alors. Le diable va etre content….en fait, c’est ca, le baguette, du vin…tu sais, des choses comme ca. Salut! Agur A.

2. Andy - október 1, 2006

What the heck…you´re right, my site is down…no idea, why *grmbl* But of course it will be soon on again, but until then, here´s an alternate place for downloading it: http://www.myownmusic.de/artistpage_info.php?artist_id=33259

It´s a paid account, so noone needs to register on myownmusic. And now, I´m looking for what´s going on with my webspace…damn it…!

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