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Shuck that corn september 18, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Iceland.


For your amsuement. The arousing photo story of a man who is really, really hungry. Sad but true.

Location: Karl og Kerling (these queer rocks in the background)/ Vesturdalur (Jökulsárgljúfur National Parc)

Date: 8/24/2006

Fleece sponsored by: Herra Héri

Hello. My name is Örn Arnarsson, and I am really hungry.

Why not try to eat my potentially delicious Herra héri apparel?!Well, that was not as good as i expected. What else can I reach without burning to much calories?
Yeees.....my cap...it looks exactly like an apple. Give it a try!krplt mkln, hrrd wklt!
Hum, it's not really the apple flavour I expected, but........all in all, it's a good meal. Something differnet , at least. I would do it again. I'm Örn Arnarsson, and now I'm going to cease my worthless life by jumping into the rough floods. Bless!



1. a to the i - september 18, 2006

Aight….looks nice and fresh the cap…

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