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Summer Sleep september 13, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Iceland.

Góðan daginn, people!

It’s been a couple of days since we returned from our monumental trip. Well, as we had decided not to sleep during the six travel weeks, we were considerably exhausted back home (Home? The first thing I associate to „home“ is a greenish, rather ugly tent in „Raupe Nimmersatt“-look.) Therefore, I thought that a little four-day sleeping marathon would be just the right thing to do. And indeed, it was.

Back in business – almost.

I can imagine you’re all bursting with pleasant anticipation – picture artwork, the Icelandic spirit banned right on celluloid, herrarious stories, good english sentences, tickling wordplays. Consumption!

But you know, things have to settle a little; my inner storyteller primarily has to learn how to handle the huge amount of impressions, experiences, silences and nature to thereupon bake some of the most delicious pastry you’ve ever degustated. It will be even more delicious than some oven-fresh Hringur from Bónus.

Totally mad stuff awaits you:

  • How to survive one week in Iceland with nothing but shorts and a teethbrush?
  • Snow on August, 7th
  • Chatting with plastered Icelanders
  • Chatting with Elves
  • Thinking about a scientific explanation for 10 days sunshine in a row
  • Northern lights and cold feet
  • Iceland vs. Italia Euro Qualifiers (U21)
  • Vinbuð fun
  • Hangover after one mouthful of Jägermeister and one light beer
  • About the chances to get picked up on a lonesome road when you’re two stinking guys with huge backpacks
  • Dead Birds and hot pots
  • The „Snickers“-Diet (quite effective!)

This and some more bags filled with totally wicked stuff will follow on this very site…So be curious!Thitherto, let me additionally water your mouth with some well-assorted pictures.

Jökulsárlon Herra Tagging Hrafntinnusker

Sunset – Herra tagging in Landmannalaugar – Conquering ghost houses

Bus driving Maltextrakt Hitch-Hiking

Bus driving – Maltextrakt og appelsin – Hitch-Hiking

Outdoor camping Saufen

Outdoor Camping – Serious Drinking
Sleep Gufubad Car rental

Spontaneous Sleeping – Gufubaðið Laugarvatni – Car renting

spoooky Vatnajökull

Unearthly encounters – glacier mocking

So much for now. These pictures work particularly with the official Herra Héri-Song „Synesthesia“, which I advise you to download right now!

Synesthesia – The official Herra Héri Iceland Tour 2006-Soundtrack – Check it out! Fucking amazing!

So long, I feel kind of…tired………




1. a to the i - september 13, 2006

Well. Sounds amazing. Fucking amazing, in deed. I like particularly the herra heri image – SCARY 🙂

2. Yo-Y - september 13, 2006

I like the big car, with the big.luv-guy in front of it. A delicious collage. I need all your pictures, fellow.

3. esmeralda Tassin - nóvember 8, 2008

Interesting Read! Very detailed blog,thanks for sharing

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