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Who killed the red devils? maí 16, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri.
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¡Hola! Good day to work a little bit on the homepage, isn’t it?

As you might have observed, I added some stuff to the hompage, as there are:

  • a counter
  • a lush guestbook (pack a punch!)
  • some pictures from Abi cottage 2006 (better late then never: herra’s pics)
  • the herra héri logo in the sidebar
  • I also tidied up a little bit *shouldertap*
  • well, all in all, even more coolness and stuff.

I’m working on some more things, so come on over and look out for new great features!

Righty-right, I don’t want to keep you from reading The Guinness’ articles, commenting and signing the guestbook!

keep it real!

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