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There’s a whale, there’s a whale, there’s a whalefish maí 8, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Iceland, The Guinness.


Did you enjoy your sunny weekend? Well, I certainly did, thank you. I even got a sunburn because the screen of my pc did shine so glisteningly bright. Well, all these contaminated mushrooms HAD to be recycled somehow on the occasion of 20 years Tschernobyl – it's good to know that it happened in such an ecological, reasonable and safe way: displays. Brave new world!

Just a short sea level announcement (as nothing interesting has happened): approximately (I am stupid) 82 days till "Trapped in clanking chilliness – II" (a.k.a departure to Iceland)! Arrrrr!

Before I continue eating chocolate until the break of dawn, let me announce that a person who wants to stay incognito (B.N.) is just about to start her slave-engagement for Herra Héri as a correspondent in good auld rainy Dublin. Let her name be The Guinness; feel free to see this as a description of her main activity. The Guinness is going to write some wicked stuff from that red-hair-planet in the Atlantic Ocean called Ireland from time to time, and as soon as the Ryanair-special-flight (at first, we thought that birds carrying the script would be a great solution, but we changed our minds after three pidgeons drowned in the English Channel) has dropped the words into my E-mail account, it will appear on this very site, www.herraheri.de (yeah, linkin myself!), for your delight. Watch out!

So, good night, young warriors!


Captain Timothy Leary



1. Andy - maí 8, 2006

Ain´t she worth having an own account to publish the stuff on her own? Or is his Majesty not willing to share the herraian throne with somebody else 😉 Just kidding, but mention the „eMail-to-blog“ function. I love WP, it´s a really good invention, especially as long, as it keeps your words in a continous flow. Always a part of the daily trip through the web. Enough brownnosing for today 😉


2. herraheri - maí 9, 2006

To be precise, no, I don’t accept any other sovereign than me. That’s probably also the reason why I’ve assigned a hitman to terminate you. It’s your good old homie Arnold. Amazed? You should be!
Yeah WP is a good thing, I like it too. But..E-Mail to blog? WTF? Sorry, but you can’t talk like this to a guy who makes use of carrier pigeons.
Nevertheless, warmest greetings

3. Andy - maí 10, 2006

maybe I can bribe Zorc Wotan to protect me against austrian brutality („please, Mr. Governour, don´t…“)
But you´re invited to come and take a bath in boiling creosote, followed by being hanged head over heels from the ballustrade for drying…and finally I´ll take over your site, filling it with outlines of Dieter Bohlen´s books…then you´re squirreled, garbeled, and noone will hear you singing in the basement, wearing that white mask, Mr. Phantom…

4. herraheri - maí 11, 2006

Well, Dr.K.Nickel, I hope you are delighted to hear that i accept your kind invitation! Take me to your castle of horror.
Oh, by the way: I am going to eat your heart. It will make me stronger and even morrrre eeeevilll.

5. John Wasserman - janúar 18, 2007

Google is the best search engine

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