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The Crucible maí 4, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Zorc Wotan.

Oh, hello!

Welcome in 1952, ladies and gentleman!

Today, I am absolutely in the mood to write perfect rubbish.

On the other hand…nah, when I think about, I'm not. I'm just perfectly tired. Just like an old, well-draught Guinness. Or like….you know this feeling: you just had a quite good thought, but when you have the innocent idea of trying to express it, a loathsome, violent, flashy green mass with a cloudy, greasy and ugly consistence appears out of nowhere, creeps slowly over your membrane and covers your whole brain, then eats it up, launchs out a nasty laugh and throws a smoke-bomb into your completely plain head – that is about the time when smoke starts to come out of your ears, a quite ridiculous sight, but very painful, indeed – just to return to his hidden cave which is located in your neck and wait for the next excursion: maybe your abdomen's next? Who knows! Damn, I shouldn't have bought this "soul" at the bakery yesterday morning.


Whatever. On with the show! ahm….AH, again! Puta madre, go away!

If you are battling with similar problems concerning paranoid shizophrenia, maybe marshmallow manstay puft! or, even better, this great item may help! It sounds quite promising, eh?

If this wonderstuff works too good in your case (or if this…thing…in your neck has been brainwashing you) and you consider changing your mind about some things ("Well, in fact, these right-wing people aren't so bad, are they?"), read this article or simply go directly to the heimseite of this club.


Some nonpoint voice tells me to stop writing now and instead walk towards east to the edge of the world – with a nice little package of dynamite in my trousers…

Ouh, just in case you are interested: I've received several tickets for the World Cup 2006. If you want one, just send an email to trojan@herraheri.de with your adress-stuff in it. I will "notify" you soon! But I have to warn you: the tickets are a little oversized because I have so huge, fat hands.

Who the hell wants to watch ITALY vs. USA ??! booooring!
Give me some money! Or at least your hands! I need to get rid of these embarassing paws! Come on! Pleeease!!

Yours sincerly,

Goleo VI



1. a to the i - maí 5, 2006

I guess I have to apply for MAD money than….the apple tree table…spooky moonokey

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