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A guidance to breach of domestic peace apríl 25, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri.

Good temptations, dear visitor!

First, for I think it is the right time for this, I want to announce the forthcoming benefit concert that takes place at the infamous tavern "Fecker" in Hechingen: On Sunday, April 30, 2006, 20.00 pm, a 10-men/women-combo will rock the place with some funky shit and Eric Clapton/Joe Cocker/Soul stuff. It will be loud and proud, including a perfect horn section. Damn, they are great! Admittance is 0€. Be there! Better come soon, because only some 50 people fit in this little pub and we are taking 10 seats away! It's gonna be a true jamboree.

Sad news (Wicked Valle already brought it up in the comments of this post):    A tragic, basin-based accident of one of our band members prohibits our gig. There will presumably be a compensation concert right by the time the left hand of our unlucky hero has been patched and revitalized. And now, let us all chant the "Basin Street Blues" in commemoration of our blue band mate.
Convenient to the great weather (?) I must recommend this song warmly to you:

KT Tunstall – Suddenly I see (a.k.a the Abi-Cottage-Song 2006 itself)

Enjoy this tune and meanwhile, destroy your room, drink lots of beer, watch maaany movies, sleep, eat, smoke, go to the sauna, destroy other rooms or do some other anrachisitc activities – you will feel the ultimate chilling vibe that flows within theese. combinations.


You've already voted for Mr. Ball Point Pen in this movie-trailer-don't-know-what-contest, havent you?! If your answer is no, feel ashamed, click this shit and do what you're supposed to. By the way, I also added Ball Point Pen's Blog to the Blogroll. Feel free to say yes and visit his site. Nice appearance and stuff (also some more music).
Another link which I added to the Blogroll is the one to the Iceland-Forum (in German). If you want to hear some partially crazy questions, answers, facts and stories about Iceland, try this one, you might be lucky.


I feel draught up – lovely time for a Guinness.


Hail Discordia! All hail Eris!


Hagbard Celine