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about the pain of thirst (sitting on 60 litres of beer…) apríl 20, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri.

…I guess the only thing we can do is play you a song…

So, what about that one: Our mate Ball Point pen is out there in the web with a new song to burn down any so-called competition: check it out.

Vote for his song on the site above, so he can finally afford the mountain-bike he desired for soo long…Go for it!

Ah, by the way…don't remember anything concerning this Austria-visit…I'm asking myself why I have been there, actually…have I been there??…Well…maybe my brain recovers…It's bat land! Be aware of the bats!



1. Andy - apríl 21, 2006

Hey, thanx a lot for having me on your site. I hope you left your vote for me already there 😉 . ballpointpen.de now also runs on wordpress and guess what? Your site is linked there. For sure, the design needs to be changed, but things may come, driven by the hands oft time… 😉
And while I´m heading for the soon end of this working day, ready to get enmeshed in codes and tags, I wish you a nice weekend.

2. herraheri - apríl 21, 2006

Well, of course I already voted for you man…Even despite the fact that I still like „FOATT“ better…
I’m going to link your site too (maybe…AHAHAHAHA). The information on your site is awesome. Keeps me going the whhooole day 😉
Nice weekend toi-meme, BIAAAATCH

3. Andy - apríl 22, 2006

Well, I just startet building up my site, but you may find a mp3-player by clicking in „media“. More gadgets will follow asap. FOATT is also about to be re-corded and you´re number one in this guys book , when I´m through with it.
And then: back to Dublin for a cliff-video-shoot with helicopter sceenes, an Unimog-Gangster-Vehicle on fat chrome plus some red-haired irish girls on the truck bed…word!

4. herraheri - apríl 23, 2006

Yeah, word! I think a tank would be more adequate in this case. The chicks could hold some AK-47 or something and do nasty things. They have to wear (tight) uniforms, of course. Phat! One stuntman or just a world-weary man will have to jump down the cliff and try and land safely but spectacular in the water at the end of the video. It’s gonna be great, damnit.

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