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Iceland, we’re coming! apríl 7, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Iceland.

Whatup fellows,

feitur skítur!

Just a few minutes ago, the first and decisive move for our Iceland-journey this summer has been made. The procedure of hacking numbers and letters in the keyboard, klicking around, paying and printing was really uplifting. Now, the path is presaged:

From July 29th till September 8th, we (that is me and Yannick Berndsson) will be fighting our way through the deadly deserts of the highlands (including sandstorms, elves and quicksand); struggling with furious glaciers with about 0°K temperature, sneaky winds and some nice volcanoes below it to warm up the scenery a little from time to time; oh yeah, and we will be bothering the Icelandic people with our pushing herra héri shit.

there you are

In fact, I believe that hitch-hiking will be perfect with some herra héri-shirts on us. Or what would you do if a fucked-up, sad person stood by the side of the street…wearing a T-Shirt saying "Herr Hase"?! Well, yeah, of course you would pick him up and take him wherever he wants!

Whatever, it will be monumental, man. 42 Days of surviving: chilling: hiking: sleeping: eating (some really weird stuff: ram testicles…hmmmm *drool*): looking at the midnight sun: hot-potting: sauna-ing: talking to vikings: wandering through Icelands pulsing capital Reykjavík: spending really much money for evereything: taking pictures: writing: We will be conscientiously keeping diary and then enrich this homepage with our experiences (true and hallucinated)…it will be as monumental as the journey itself. Rejoice!

T -112 Days, 22 hours and 38 minutes. I can feel it. It won't be long now. harrumph.

So, can't go on writing. Must rub myself with ice cubes.. for the true Iceland feeling.

Góða nótt!