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Sweet as a nut mars 23, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Dublin 06.

Faílte compañeros!

The time has come to do a little report about the short visit to Dublin of mine and my brother (oh yes, herra héri was with us, too). Since these 3 days were so full of experiences, I'm going to split them up into 3 posts (uäih!). Exciting, what? It's also kind of a test for the huge 6-week-Iceland-journey-coverage.

I'm not gonna bother you with interesting stuff but merely with ineffectual details. That's what you want, isn't it ??!! Well, there you go.

Sunday, March 19th

The flight from Stuttgart was great. Great entertainment. A young super-christian couple prayed in the course of take-off. Then, safely flying around (with God's help), they took a short inspiration read out of their premium-edition bible (with leather case), presumably written by Jesus himself. Nice people, I liked them at once. I believe they are young, ambitious Americans who have just finished their 3-year bible-school. Now they are on their Europa-missionary tour, with unbroken enthusiasm. Great.

But there were other highlights on the flight. The monitors were not showing solely boring maps and facts, no, they loosened the atmosphere with some undemonstrative ads: "HÖHNER 6:0 – DAS NEUE ALBUM! HIER IM FLUGZEUG ZU KAUFEN!" It was spiced up with a great picture of this amazing band. As you can imagine, I didn't hesitate to buy 6 records. It was well worth the investment.

In the bus from airport to O'Connell Street, there were some extremely kind Germans. One of them had lived in Dublin for half a year and he left no doubt that he was the king of Dublin. He simply knew everything about Dublin and Ireland. Small example: "Wisst ihr, auf dieser Autobahn hat es eigentlich immer Stau. Deshalb nennen wir Iren sie auch den größten Parkplatz der Welt. Das is doch mal n Ding, wa? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! – Übrigens, falls ihr es noch nicht mitbekommen habt, ich weiß alles über Dublin." I made the purpose to beat the seven shades of shit out of him, but he wasn't in the mood for it. it's a shame, we could have had so much fun.

Know what: foosball tables in Ireland don't use the generally accepted 2-5-3 system, but, attention please, a 3-5-2 system…fuck me I'm Irish.

Our hostel was nice, with a great view over town:
panorama view
I'm going to leave out the boring sight-seeing-hours between hostel check-in and serious drinking, aight?
EATpanorama view 2

So: Right after checking in in the hostel, we met Betti, who is Au-Pair 30 km South of Dublin since 2 weeks. After a short salutation ceremony we started drinking in the next best Pub, O'Neill's. It's quite a huge Pub, but very comfortable. It was 5 pm when we ordered our first pint (0,568l) of Guinness (€4,10). Another pint later we changed the place of drinking, feeling the need to eat something (I didn't eat the whole day, besides one pretzel and a Whopper Cheese).

We failed, so we had to continue drinking. At 9, I was plastered.

plastered view
At around 1 am, after 7 pints of Guinness and one Power's Whiskey, I felt the desire to puke. But nah, I'm too cool for stuff like that. Betti and some of her Au-Pair-friends including a Maltese speech therapist (?) had gone by then, and we hooked up with an Irishman, who dragged us to Viperroom. It's the place to be. We stayed 5 mintues and went home, drunk as hill. What followed was not sleeping but coma.

The first evening was a ball, so stay tuned for new extreme sport "hangover-hill-climbing" and more fine drinking experiences.


Dublin 103.jpg


1. Andy - mars 24, 2006

Excellent, Mr. Head-of-Homepage, great stories…and while I´m rolling on the floor laughing, I´m really looking forward to some more…so gimme, gimme, gimme…


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