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Somebody wanna play Schlumpfball? mars 16, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri.
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goðan daginn,

A few seconds ago, I realized that I'm enabled to write. So hear my words, lans:

Today was a good day. I spent one happy hour in a kindergarten for disabled children. Not because I had to or something, no, I just was in the mood to do this kind of stuff. To meet and be nice to some sweet little children. Maybe I have smuggled some chocolate in the little country of happiness…did I? hm…I'm not quite shure about it any more. But…no, no I didn't.

so: at first, I played some nice games with them. Of course I told them if they did something wrong (little punishments did work SO good!Try it!). Their constant attempts to cheat did not yield fruit, of course. I won every single game.HA. When they started to cry, I cheered them up with some awesome card tricks. They still cried. So I told them a little story about a bloodthirsty vampire-beaver whose preferred activity is to eat kid's hearts and legs. It's a great story, for real. But, you won't believe it, they STILL didn't look happy. I told them that I'd cut their ears off and call for Vlad Beaversson to manage this whole thing if they wouldn't stop. That worked. I think they like me.

But, ¡qué lástima!, by then it was time to go for me. Later, I will get some beer (I promised them to bring some next time) and look for a beaver mask and blood cartridges. It's great fun. How was your day?

shamrock A propos fun: Tomorrow's the big St. Patrick's Day, Ireland's major holiday. It's dedicated to Saint Patrick, by the way, the first missionary of ireland. But the main aspect of the holiday consists of "consuming large quantities of Irish beer (sometimes dyed green), such as Murphys, Smithwicks, Harp or Guinness or other Irish liquors such as Irish whiskey, Irish Coffee or Baileys Irish Cream."

I think that's reason enough to celebrate this great Irish holiday directly in Dublin. It's gonna be…religious. Watch out for some religios awaking stories I will have to tell next week for sure. Let out the Irish in you!

National Team Aspirants, Pay Attention!

An informant who would like to stay unrecognized hit me with this stuff: http://www.sueddeutsche.de/sport/weltfussball/bildstrecke/889/71818/

Looks like there are still chances for you, Silvio Meißner!


Now I feel exhausted somehow. I must spend all my power on letting my hair grow. My unachieved goal (to look like Vigo, the scourge of the Carpathians) has finally come into reach. Cheers! Good night.

Note for myself: Must think about hitch-hiking round Iceland with a fridge.