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Just another bob-rossish monday. mars 13, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri.

Hello herras and héris! Without the slightest effort, I gave a completely new look to the whole site. kind of. Well, that means, I added a new page which will supply the screaming crowd out there with the hottest pics taken at a whole bunch of cool places!
Herra's pics is the real shit!
In the course of the Herra Héri World Domiation Tour, My.S.Elf and myself will spend a weekend next week – look out for some guinessish St.Patrick's Day drinking snapshots outta Dublin, moruks. Until then, you have the one-time chance to have an eye or two at some really SWELL pictures…It's fucking amazing!

In this spirit,

(sorry about this. I don't know what I'm doing. What on earth is eating me?!)



1. Joe-J ? Yo-Y ? "satan" ? Ypzion? Don`t get it, man... - mars 13, 2006

Be the First? Be the First? I`ll give you the first… slap in your face if you keep posting bullshit, and the second if you keep asking me if I want to be „Satan“ or something… You`re really weird, dude. Your brain is kind of „crashed“ or something…
I just wanted to give a comment, don`t take it too seriously.
But I really don`t get this whole „english speaking“ thing, why do we have to write english again? I mean it would be great if some english speaking people would read this tight blog, and english has a style that cannot be compared with other languages like dutch, but most of the people…
fuck it.
Everything is nice!

2. Ischen@Iceland - mars 13, 2006

Look at these Ischen in Iceland… they walk around like real Ischen:

3. herraheri - mars 14, 2006

Ischen? …
ISH, that’s merely the sound that sounds when I beat the seven shades of shit out of you, biaaaatch. Man, cretins like you are really a cause for Dr.Squirrel to get big cojones, kerem.

4. a to the i - mars 14, 2006

Oh boy – that is so sick….Dr. Squirrel is going to be very upset….fucking hell!

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