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Unique preview: Zorc’s and Dr.Squirrel’s „The nut conspiracy“ mars 12, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Mr. J. Squirrel Phd., Zorc Wotan.

Bitch! What a day!

Sir Zorc Wotan and Dr. Squirrel just informed me: On the ooccasion of my birthday, they accord me a top-secret picture of their first movie „The nut conspiracy“, attacking cinemas out off cold icelands mysterious holes in October 2006. Of course, they don’t act, actually. They preferred to stay unrecognised by the outer world. In fact, Sir Zorc Wotans visage would make everyone go blind. So they selected two genius actors, who could represent them the best (at least they thought so).

Well, take a brave look at it…


I am not quite convinced that they were the best choice. Sir Zorc Wotan looks like he coulnd’t make people go blind but is blind himself. And Dr.Squirrel….well, he looks like a squirrel,anyway.

First doubts about the genre of the film grow…



1. a to the i - mars 14, 2006

crazy shit, oh boy!

2. a to the i - mars 14, 2006

Be displayed, player

3. herraheri - mars 14, 2006

What? do you mean….Can you lo-ove a playa man…

be inspired.

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