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HerraHeri janúar 28, 2006

Posted by herraheri in Herra the Heri, Mr. J. Squirrel Phd., Zorc Wotan.

Herr Heri



1. Andy - febrúar 21, 2006

Dear Squirrelkeeper,

Xir Zorc Wotan forced me to feast my eyes on your blog, squirrelly adding a comment to the imho most nutty birthday gift EVÄÄÄR 😉
Congrats, Mr. M junior, the older you become, the more Thai Ginseng you need.

Feel greeted, your spouse as well …


2. a to the I - febrúar 22, 2006

Digger, birthday time has been delayed – it is now 12.3. – organisational deficits – not my fault….this has existed far to early – just for my dulling curiousness….Edgar Allan wouldn’t have liked it…..anyway….only two more weeks to come – HERRAHERI will be launched

Squirrel it up Squishy

3. Andy - febrúar 27, 2006

Well then…time to add some more spamalicious content to this pre-birthday pages. Feeling kind of squirreled today, maybe I´d better joined those masked fools instead of hanging around in the office. But being part of the unionized fun society would have zorced me, so I better stay away, enough time for fooling around during the rest of the year.

HERRA, my young HERI…

me (whoelse?)

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